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Another week of biking

Lusk/Jumping Pound/Cox Hill We wanted to get out for a ride, somewhere out of the valley. I agreed to, or maybe even suggested, adding on Lusk Pass to the JP/Cox ride. It would make it a little longer and would mean we wouldn’t have to drive all the way over. And sure, I’d heard Lusk Pass wasn’t a great route, and best used as a connector if you needed it, and not worth riding more than once.  But I didn’t know. I just didn’t realise! How could I have known? It was worse because I was riding a borrowed bike. … Continue reading Another week of biking

A grand Moosling adventure II

The last time we tried this was June 20, 2015. It was at Finn’s suggestion back then, and that was how it happened this time around too. We were tossing up ideas about where to hike when he declared he wanted to ride to Banff to get icecream. Ok! Back then he was on 14″ wheels, his Spawn Gremlin (the equivalent of the Spawn Furi these days). It’s a great little bike. But now he’s upgraded to the Spawn Savage 1.0, with 20″ wheels, gears, no suspension, nice and light. He’s working on trying to change the gears while riding, … Continue reading A grand Moosling adventure II

A grand Moosling adventure

We set out for a bike ride together, the Moosling and I. I was thinking we’d head out along the Legacy Trail for a few kilometres and then turn back again. The longest ride he’d done on his own bike was just 6km or so. But once we started riding towards Banff, he was pretty adamant that he was going to ride the whole way there. We’d done it with him on the trail-a-bike plenty of times. And at least one of those times he’d been pedalling pretty much the whole way. I was a little short on snacks, but … Continue reading A grand Moosling adventure

Biking to Banff with my favourite training weight

Now the boy is big enough to big enough to be pedalling we’ve sold off the bike towing devices, and he’s only ever on the trail-a-bike if we get out on long rides together. Sadly though, the trail-a-bike we have really doesn’t handle offroad trails that well (at least not the rough rocky rooty ones around here). We’re still torn about what to do as a solution – Tout Terrain make a gorgeous trail-a-bike with suspension, but it also costs close to $2000. In the meantime, the boy really enjoys riding the trail to Banff, and has taken to suggesting … Continue reading Biking to Banff with my favourite training weight

Legacy Trail to Banff

Probably my last ride along the Legacy Trail before the weather turns and covers it with just enough snow to make it un-rideable, but probably not enough to make skiing the whole thing a fun idea (I have dreams of them grooming it for skate-skiing, that would be just awesome. Photo taken with fancy new phone – amazing camera!

Legacy Trail

It’s a far cry from a few weeks ago when we last tried to cycle along here and were stopped short by huge drifts of snow. The trail has been ploughed and swept, and as we cycled to and from Banff, it felt like a Summer weekend. The trail was busy, the day was warm and sunny (I’m sunburnt now), and the snow was staying up on the mountains in a very civilised fashion. The Chariot doesn’t induce sleep half so well behind a bike as it does when being towed by skis, but the Moosling still enjoys the ride.

Legacy Trail fail

Instead of going skiing yesterday, we optimistically decided to head out on the Legacy Trail. Theoretically it was rideable, as it was certainly bare of snow in huge patches. It would be the first proper test ride for the biking version of the Chariot as well. Things went well until we actually reached the Legacy Trail, at the Banff Park gates. We rode around the first huge snow drift, then there was just a whole lot of gravel, as we were right next to the highway. That wasn’t great, but still, easy enough to ride on. But then we hit … Continue reading Legacy Trail fail