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Lake Minnewanka bikepack overnighter

Last October I attended (and presented at) the Canmore Bikepack Summit – which I still need to write about, but that’s another story. But that led to meeting a lot of very awesome folks who were keen to get out bikepacking, and to me volunteering to host a couple of local Bikepack.ca overnighters, throwing the invite open to whoever wanted to come. And that is how I came to be preparing to go bikepacking when there was a snowfall warning, threats of 20cm or more of snow, and a likely overnight temperature in the vicinity of -20oC.  Despite the weather forecast, … Continue reading Lake Minnewanka bikepack overnighter

When Minnewanka rides get out of hand

The one problem with riding Lake Minnewanka is that it’s an out and back. And it’s a busy and out back, popular with hikers and bikers alike. And so when we rode out, and reached the cabin, I was happy to keep going, and put off the return journey. I’d never ridden past the cabin before (it’s at 15km, and makes for a nice 30km round trip) and Minnewanka was in great late season condition. And so we got up towards the end of the lake. The terrain becomes more technical, and it’s much harder to ride everything. There was almost … Continue reading When Minnewanka rides get out of hand

Fall bikepacking to Lake Minnewanka

Getting out on a family bikepacking trip is one of those things that we kept meaning to do, but somehow we had nearly run out of summer weekends and it still hadn’t happened. We’d initially been thinking of riding the Elbow Loop. Or maybe just going out and back on the north-west side. But our attempts to book a campground failed. Curse you, Alberta Parks with your “oh, sure, we have sites available” website, but then when they get back to you 48 hours after you tried to book online it turns out that there are indeed no sites. Contemplating … Continue reading Fall bikepacking to Lake Minnewanka

Saturday adventures

I went out to ride with Kat along the Lake Minnewanka trail, which was in great shape. Clear all the way to the warden’s cabin, with just one fallen tree. A lazy start meant that we were out on the trail along with quite a few hikers and other bikes, although mostly on our return. We ran into some bird watchers too, and slowed down to spend some time trying to spot a bird that I cannot recall the name of. Meanwhile the menfolk stomp up Ha Ling, which was also in great condition apart from the band of snow … Continue reading Saturday adventures

Frozen lakes and Friday adventures

Alex and I had a day off together, so went riding on the Lake Minnewanka ice (as well as doing more renovations, but that’s neither picturesque nor interesting). The lake was snow-covered for the first kilometre or so, before the snow began to give way to larger and larger sections of clear ice. The forecast was for the wind to pick up later in the day, and as we rode further, the wind at our backs grew stronger. Eventually we decided to be sensible, and made our way across to the shore, where we could pick up the snowy trail … Continue reading Frozen lakes and Friday adventures

Bikepacking Canmore to Lake Minnewanka (via Goat Creek)

“We should bikepack Lake Minnewanka this weekend.” “Going there from home, via Goat Creek?” “Yes!!” And so was our most recent adventure planned. We had company on the first leg, biking up to the pass from Canmore, and then dropping down the Goat Creek trail to Banff. We weren’t expecting the snow though! I always forget how this little valley is so much colder and darker than our big wide valley next door. Following the floods, one of the bridges is still a little bit out. Definitely not open for business. Could be that it’s possible to cross the river … Continue reading Bikepacking Canmore to Lake Minnewanka (via Goat Creek)

Return to Lake Minnewanka

A return to Minnewanka with the Tout, because it’s a nice cruisy place for a family ride…. and this time it was actually sunny. This time we dragged Joel along too A couple of places are a bit tricky with the Singletrailer, and it needs some assistance Flat and mossy forest makes for relaxing Singletrailer terrain Unbelievable but true, Alex does sometimes smile when he’s out riding Moosling grins by the beach at the Warden’s Cabin Playing around by the shore at the Warden’s Cabin Alex’s obsession with fat tyres continues unabated. Now he’s selling off all his normal bikes … Continue reading Return to Lake Minnewanka

The Tout goes on a local adventure

There aren’t many dry trails around here yet, but the Lake Minnewanka trail is pretty close. The first kilometre or two has a lot of mud and ice, but once you round the hill, the trail was bone dry. Until it started raining anyway. We gambled on the weather and lost. Actually, the rain was a bit of a foregone conclusion, and it wasn’t so bad for the first half of the trip. After a short lunch at the Warden’s Cabin, the return trip just got wetter and wetter though. The single trailer experiment was a success though. Apart from … Continue reading The Tout goes on a local adventure

Running in the snow along Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka and the Cascade Fire Trail share a trail-head; and so we hatched a cunning plan where I would run along the shoreline of the lake, while Alex would take Moosling and Chariot and go towing up the Cascade Fire Trail. The plan was to turn around after an hour or so, and be back at the car at 11.30am (so we could then get back to Canmore to watch the finals of the Cross-Country Skiing World Cup sprints at the Nordic Centre). The trail was well-packed to the bridge and beyond,to the high point of the climb up … Continue reading Running in the snow along Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka – to ride one’s bicycle along the lake

I had somehow never ridden the Lake Minnewanka shoreline trail before, but managed to get in two rides this year before the wildlife closure kicked in. Definitely not Chariot friendly unfortunately, otherwise we could do a family bike and hike up Mount Aylmer. A good ride to hit early in the day if you’re going to be riding on the weekend too. Trail enjoyment is considerably reduced for everyone involved when you’re constantly having to slow right down and ring your bell to politely pass hikers. Fantastic fun if you can get a clear run at it though. On the … Continue reading Lake Minnewanka – to ride one’s bicycle along the lake

decapitated in a blogging accident

Last weekend was lovely and sunny and warm, so I was out stocking up on Vitamin D for the Winter. And climbing, and jumping into lakes, and scrambling up small mountains.   I’m not the bearded one in the water, this is just to demonstrate the fact that it really was warm. This is Lake Minnewanka, a glacial lake that probably isn’t pronounced how you’re thinking it’s pronounced, and that’s Mt Rundle hanging out in the background.   It seems like the sun has cut down on it’s visiting hours considerably over the last fortnight. Suddenly we’re getting up in … Continue reading decapitated in a blogging accident

scenic tour of the bodies of water round banff

Well, the only unsecured wireless network available from where I’m staying at the moment has become secured. This post is brought to you by much wailing and gnashing of teeth as I post from free internet accessed sitting on a park bench outside in a blizzard… or something like that… it’s certainly chilly. But behold! Some of the pretty lakes and creeks surrounding Banff. So scenic you could punch them in the teeth. Two Jack Lake   Creek below Two Jack Lake   Johnston Canyon   Lake Minnewanka