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the silliest adventure in some time

It was 8 o’clock in the morning and we had thrown on our backpacks (heavily laden with mountaineering boots, crampons, rope and axes) and leaped on our trusty bicycles. The bicycles had been rescued from the fence outside our house just a few days earlier, after sitting in the snow and ice all winter. It took a while to cut through the locks, but in the end we were rewarded with bikes of … well, dubious quality, but at least they went. After meeting Jody in town and we confirmed all bikes were in working order (although in an attempt … Continue reading the silliest adventure in some time

scenic tour of the bodies of water round banff

Well, the only unsecured wireless network available from where I’m staying at the moment has become secured. This post is brought to you by much wailing and gnashing of teeth as I post from free internet accessed sitting on a park bench outside in a blizzard… or something like that… it’s certainly chilly. But behold! Some of the pretty lakes and creeks surrounding Banff. So scenic you could punch them in the teeth. Two Jack Lake   Creek below Two Jack Lake   Johnston Canyon   Lake Minnewanka