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Riding in Invermere is a whole lot of ‘what do you mean we get to ride our bikes already!?’ excitement. It is sneaking away to a magical wonderland where it’s already spring; the trails are dry and the sun is warm. And because this has been a weird and wonderful winter, the Invermere season started a lot earlier than usual. By the time March was over, I’d ridden there three times already. Three glorious sunny warm days with dry trails. Actually, not entirely true. The first time round a lot of the trails were still muddy. Anyway, glorious Invermere, infinitely … Continue reading Invermere-ing

Singletrack6 – Day 3 & 4

Day Three – Invermere. 46km, 1200m. Riding in Invermere is all about the excitement and anticipation of early season riding with friends, and the joy of being back on a bike on dirt after a long, long winter. Trails there are dry and dusty when the Canmore trails are still packed with ice and snow, and 15oC in Invermere seems more like 20oC… while 15oC in Canmore seems closer to 10oC. It’s like a little magical mountain bike world we can escape to while winter still has Canmore in its icy grip. So I enjoy riding the trails there, and … Continue reading Singletrack6 – Day 3 & 4

Woohoo, biking on dirt!

Sadly there’s not much in the way of riding photos. Because we were too busy riding. Suffice to say it was an awesome day. Dry trails, sun, warmth, fun singletrack, fantastic riding companions, awesome new bike. Still recovering from a(nother) cold, early season legs. Still good. It was my first time out on the Giant Lust Advanced 2, and I already love it. Looking forward to a fun summer with lots of biking.