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Australia Part 1: Melbourne to Mildura

And so, after three years, we were finally off to visit Australia again. This time flying via Hong Kong, in an epic series of flights that took us over 34 hours door to door. Still, it could be worse. A billiard table could fall on you. On the way we discovered that there’s nothing quite like an airport full of pokestops and pokemon catching to make a seven hour layover absolutely fly past. Thanks Hong Kong. Also, it’s possible for a six-year old to watch the Lego Movie four times in a row, even when there are other movies and … Continue reading Australia Part 1: Melbourne to Mildura

the depth of my love for air canada knows no bounds

“I’VE HAD IT WITH YOUR ATTEMPTS TO GET THESE MOTHER F**KING BIKES ON THIS MOTHER F**CKING PLANE (without paying the relevant fees which we are levying even though you thought that because you’d bought your tickets from Air New Zealand you would only have to follow their baggage rules)” the Calgary Air Canada employee yelled at us, hurling a stapler at Alex’s head. He went on to threaten us with overweight fees of $100 per bag for our two bags which were underweight by 500grams, and overweight by 800grams respectively. This was right after we’d killed his puppy, and stolen … Continue reading the depth of my love for air canada knows no bounds

in transit

Stop over in Taipei on the way to Canada. We arrived in the evening, and China Airlines provided us with swish (there were free combs! and it was on a golf course sponsored by Jack Nicklaus) hotel accommodation while we waited for our transfer flight to Vancouver the next afternoon. This pretty flower was found while wandering around town in the morning.

see vegas, i told you it would all fit

So, everything is packed into very heavy bags. Item One – Heavy Backpack Item Two – Heavy Ski Bag and Boot Bag Item Three – Crash pad in cardboard box Item Four – Carry On thingos = rope bag and laptop bag Once my plane leaves DC I’ll be landing in Melbourne 28 hours later. Won’t that be fun. Although I’ll start travelling 4 hours before that, so I can actually get to the airport and check in. Then once I get to Melbourne, I have to move house :) Depart DC – 3.45pm Tuesday East Coast US time / … Continue reading see vegas, i told you it would all fit

in transit

Melbourne… Went to the counter to check in, and discovered my tickets hadn’t been paid for. Convenient. After an hour and a half of wrangling, we got them paid for, and I got on the plane. Sydney… Having found my Ipod managed to unlock itself and wear out the batteries somewhat, I’ve bought a battery pack in duty free. Tried connecting to the wireless network here, but of course I would have to pay, so I don’t think I’ll play that game. The United Airlines people are going frantic calling for a whole heap of passengers who haven’t turned up … Continue reading in transit