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Saturday adventures

I went out to ride with Kat along the Lake Minnewanka trail, which was in great shape. Clear all the way to the warden’s cabin, with just one fallen tree. A lazy start meant that we were out on the trail along with quite a few hikers and other bikes, although mostly on our return. We ran into some bird watchers too, and slowed down to spend some time trying to spot a bird that I cannot recall the name of. Meanwhile the menfolk stomp up Ha Ling, which was also in great condition apart from the band of snow … Continue reading Saturday adventures

No, no, they can’t take the mountains away from me

So, the update on my knee: it still hurts! (Blah blah, something about ligaments being a lot better, LCL, MCL, blah, mild meniscus damage, gets aggravated when I do things like pedal my bike or run, gradually getting better, trying to be patient, blah) In the meantime, I’ve decided hiking with sticks is a reasonable alternative to doing nothing but sitting at home plotting to take over the world. I’ve been lucky enough to have some fun hiking companions along the way, for my umpteenth time on the summit of Ha Ling Peak. Mount Lady MacDonald solo on a sunny … Continue reading No, no, they can’t take the mountains away from me

Winter Solstice sunrise

We did it! The sun is coming back! Huzzah to all Northern Hemispherians, the evil Southern Hemisphere is now bound to return our sun to us. We left town at 6am, and hiked up to the summit of Ha Ling Peak to arrive just as the sky was starting to lighten, at around 7.45am. On the one hand, it was beautiful. On the other, it was very windy (the forecast was calling for 30km/hr, gusting to 50km/hr). There may have been some huddling. Poor Lincoln was just about freezing to death. There was some attempted photography inbetween bouts of huddling. … Continue reading Winter Solstice sunrise

Ha Ling peak all over again

It’s been a while since we’ve headed up Ha Ling Peak as a family. This was the last warm day of our prolonged pleasant Autumn. Well, I say warm, it was going to be about 10oC, which only counts as warm when you’re comparing it to -20oC. But anyway, pleasant weather, must get out and enjoy it, so we decided to head up Ha Ling Peak together, with the invitation extended to whoever else we thought might be kicking around. And so the Ha Ling Peak expedition began. We’re trying to stop carrying the Boy these days. So this was … Continue reading Ha Ling peak all over again

Ha Ling peak again

A dusk ascent. Directly up via the Grassi Lakes trail, and on along the climbers trail to the pass. Past people wearing inappropriate shoes, who warned me it would be slippery coming back down. I had Yaktrax on though, and was invincible! It’s always a little bit intimidating running up Ha Ling from town – it looms over you so, and seems so high and imposing and improbable Up above Grassi Lakes, in black and white because the light was so low my phone couldn’t actually capture colour properly anyway. A couple of people on their way down over the … Continue reading Ha Ling peak again

Full moon (ish) ascent of Ha Ling Peak

It was actually the day before full moon, but the dubious forecast was looking slightly better for Sunday than the actual full moon, and I had managed to convince a fellow mad-man that it would be a good idea to come with me and go for a night-time hike in the snow. Towards the evening there were threats of winds gusting to 40-60 km/hr, but we laughed in the face of danger and decided to go ahead and hike anyway. We managed to leave town not too long before 7pm, driving to the trail-head on the grounds of common sense/boringness/time … Continue reading Full moon (ish) ascent of Ha Ling Peak

Slogging up Ha Ling Peak

Because doing things the easy way is boring, I decided to try heading up to the summit of Ha Ling Peak on foot, all the way from town. That’s the way it was originally done by its namesake, so I’ve been meaning for a long time to do the full ascent. It would, perhaps, have been easier in summer though. Into the inversion, my ice eyelashes had started to melt The temperature was hovering around -16oC in the valley, so I was really hoping for an inversion. It was jolly cold all the way up to the pass, and then … Continue reading Slogging up Ha Ling Peak

First Ha Ling Peak hike of the year :)

On a gorgeous sunny February afternoon, we decided to hike up Ha Ling. It was packed snow all the way, except when we finally got above the tree line, the snow cleared entirely in the end. Very nice conditions! When we reached the top, the Moosling’s jacket was stashed in a pack that hadn’t made it to the top yet. So he had run around in my down vest. Very on trend. There was barely a breeze too, perfect conditions up there. And then the Moosling tried to descend on his own – this didn’t last long.

Let’s try this again

After last month’s disastrous Ha Ling Peak attempt – well, not disastrous exactly, we didn’t fall off the mountain, and weren’t eaten by bears or grues, we just didn’t make it to the top, but did spend a lot of time wallowing about in thigh-deep snow. Anyway, I thought we’d had enough warm weather that it was worth trying things again. So the Moosling and I set off from the carpark. But only after we’d spent some time discussing whether or not he’d be wearing a hat and sunglasses – the removal of which is a new trick that he’s … Continue reading Let’s try this again

Failing to hike up Ha Ling Peak

Last Winter, we got so little snow that hiking up Ha Ling Peak in February wasn’t a problem. This year has been a little different, it was obvious from the start that there was still a lot of snow, with fresh skin tracks heading up beside the trail. Still, with a nice packed trail, hiking in the snow was pretty easy. Until we hit the treeline. Then our nice packed trail dispersed into a myriad of snowshoe trails. We did some tentative exploration on one of them. Brendan post-holed a lot. So did I. This was the view from one … Continue reading Failing to hike up Ha Ling Peak

Ha Ling: Seven

After work, and my first snow-free ascent for the year. I had the mountain to myself (there was barely even a squirrel to be seen), and it was lovely blue sky weather too.   Look, no snow! Well, still a bit on Mount Lawrence Grassi, but the Ha Ling trail was clear     It was a bit cool and windy at the summit though (finally wearing my new jacket too, see how clean and shiny looking it is – well compared to the old one which is seven years old and not very water proof any more)  

on the rise

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with an exhilarating account of Megan’s ascent of Ha Ling Peak.   Bike rests at the pass (note water crackers in drink bottle holder)   The cycle from home, through town, and up the hill to the pass between Mt Lawrence Grassi and Mt Rundle went something like this:   (click to embiggen)   Then the bike was hidden in the trees, and bike shoes were switched for Chaco sandals. And the hike went something like this:             The summit of Ha Ling is at 2407 metres (7897ft), so … Continue reading on the rise