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Australia Part 3: Arapiles days continued…

Wednesday was a chance to revisit my childhood of stomping about in the Grampians. Well, not exactly all of my childhood, but rather some highly valued and infrequent childhood trips to the Grampians. Trips that instilled a love of rock hopping, scrambling about on rocks, and getting to the top of mountains –  which my parents may have come to regret as I took to rock climbing and then disappeared to live in the Canadian Rockies. We went to hike up the Pinnacle, overlooking Halls Gap – I had distant memories of it being fun, and involving plenty of rock hopping. I was right! It … Continue reading Australia Part 3: Arapiles days continued…

i’m not a complete twit

On reconsidering the forecast on Friday night (and taking into account my sniffing nose), I came to the conclusion that the Grampians wasn’t the best place to be on the weekend – with a forecast of high winds, high temperatures, and lightning strikes, I decide I would spend my weekend somewhere that wasn’t a stinking hot bushfire breeding ground. A wise move, with over 100,000 hectares now burnt in the Grampians area (no need to get started on the huge amounts of the rest of the state that are on fire), the campgrounds evacuated, roads into the national park closed, … Continue reading i’m not a complete twit

when will the screaming stop?!

Memorable climb of the weekend – Basalisk Direct (16). The first 35 metres involves some unassuming looking climbing, that’s actually quite nice. The next 20 metres involves a thrutch through a chimney in a roof, with a 40 metre drop off to the ground below. Standing at the belay just below the roof, with my back to the cliff, I could look down to the ground, out to views over the Grampians, and up to my climbing partner, apparently (and at times, actually) wedged horizontally in a crack in the roof above me. Captured after our ascent, a pair of … Continue reading when will the screaming stop?!

curses, curses, and more curses

After waiting and waiting for my Visa to turn up, I called the consulate helpline on Friday. I was charged $1.05/minute to listen to their menus, and was finally given the option to talk to a real person, for $2.75/minute. I explained my situation to the real person, and she put me through to the Melbourne consulate. I then re-explained my situation: Had interview over a month ago, have paid all the fees, have even repaid one after the amount needed was lowered a few days AFTER my interview, meaning that the system was unable to process my money order … Continue reading curses, curses, and more curses