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After a couple of days riding down to Fernie, my legs were still feeling overexcitable. So after a fun night staying with Katya and her family (thanks guys!), catching up and spending some quality time stalking Jackie in her Tour Divide attempt, I set off from Fernie along the Old Stumpy trail. From there I diverted onto a trail that ran mostly under the powerline right-of-way, through an active logging operation, and finally out onto the highway just outside of Sparwood. Far slower than riding the highway, with lots of up and down, but it was nice to be off … Continue reading Methadone

Megan and Kate’s excellent adventure

After waving off Jackie and the rest of the Tour Divide crew in Banff, I was on a mission. I had to get back to Canmore and get my bike packed and ready to cycle out of the house by the time Kate arrived. Thankfully, Kate was running late, as I had done the bare minimum when it comes to prior preparation. Less thankfully, it was starting to rain. I helped Kate with the logistics of getting her bike packed and ready for her first overnight bikepacking adventure, and then we set off into the dubious weather outside. Leaving Canmore, … Continue reading Megan and Kate’s excellent adventure

Tour Divide Dreaming

I took the day off work, and got a lift into Calgary with my road bike. My bike and I were dropped off at Diner Deluxe, so we settled ourselves down at a table outside, and waited. And then Jackie arrived! She was in town to go ride the Tour Divide. But first, we were going to eat an enormous breakfast, and ride back to Canmore together. We’ve known each other since we were feckless 23 year old hippies. Back then we used to go climbing together. These days we’re both more into bikes. Wonderful breakfast eaten, I did some … Continue reading Tour Divide Dreaming

Part 2: Riding Kananaskis Lakes to Fernie! (Or “Everything is awesome!”)

I woke around 4.30am to the sound of birds. I’m not sure why birds are always so excited about the impending sunrise, but for half an hour or so there, they just wouldn’t shut up about it. At least I wasn’t in a tent in Australia, where the birds really know how to make a convincing racket. Some more sleep, and more sliding around in the tent, and off the short sleeping mat, and over to one side of the tent, then the other, and it was after 6am. A quick snack and then packing up and hitting the road. … Continue reading Part 2: Riding Kananaskis Lakes to Fernie! (Or “Everything is awesome!”)

Part 1: Riding Canmore to Kananaskis Lakes – solo!

My very first solo overnight trip! For all that I’ve done plenty of solo daytrip adventuring, I’ve never headed out to sleep alone somewhere. Because the night is dark and scary, and full of wolves and axe murderers. The plan was to ride my bike on Thursday evening from Canmore to Kananaskis Lakes – about 70km, mainly on dirt roads. I left work early, with my gear nearly all organised, and got on the road around 5pm. Of course, then my bike bags started rubbing and misbehaving, so I spent some time organising them and redistributing my load. And then … Continue reading Part 1: Riding Canmore to Kananaskis Lakes – solo!