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Fernie weekend

When you’re injured, a weekend mountain biking trip to Fernie is less exciting than it might otherwise be. But we camped, and hung out, and the boy got to play with new friends, and I got to catch up with old friends. Alex got out mountain biking, but I satisfied myself with cruising around town, checking out the market, and eating icecream. Weekends in Fernie are always over sooner than they should be, and it’s always a bit hard to drive back to Canmore afterwards. We were dreaming of having another month or two of mountain biking road trip ahead … Continue reading Fernie weekend

wedding in fernie, bc

After a Winter-extending sojourn in South America (bizarre in hindsight – the seven months of Winter I’d had already wasn’t enough?), I was back in the Rockies – and it was warm! We jumped in the car and drove down to Fernie in British Columbia, cruising down along through the green foothills of the Rockies. We even passed a fence that had a truckers hat on every pole – nearly as impressive as New Zealand’s toothbrush fence (Imagine that, a whole fence made out of toothbrushes!). But then there was the wedding – a friend getting married on a mountain-top … Continue reading wedding in fernie, bc