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Festive 500

Riding the Rapha Festive 500 in Canmore seemed like a pretty sketchy idea. To ride your bike 500km outdoors, between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve… well, it can be hard enough when you’ve got a roadbike and no snow. But when you decide to do it on a fatbike, riding on snow, and then add in all the other family obligations, the sub-zero temperatures, the incredibly short daylight hours, and on top of that the high likelihood of snowfall, -30oC days, andĀ illness (because it’s just that time of year). Well, I was kind of dubious about whether the whole … Continue reading Festive 500

Scotland: The Isle of Rum

The rain has stopped. The air is still and moist, and the midges are swarming. Our wet tent packed away, we cycle down to the ferry terminal. Onboard the ferry, bikes are lashed to a railing, and we trudge upstairs to break into our Nutella for a civilised breakfast at an actual table. The ferry takes us to Mallaig. We aren’t sure where we’re going next, it will depend on where we can get to. Alex finds a ferry going to Rum, but we’ll have to cycle down the coast a little to get to it, it leaves from Arisaig. … Continue reading Scotland: The Isle of Rum

Smuts Pass, Birdwood Traverse and Burstall Pass

We planned a grand adventure for the day – from Canmore, then out to Smuts Pass, along the slopes of Birdwood, and over Burstall Pass, then back to Canmore. First of all to ride along the dusty roads, through biting headwinds, along rough gravel, by many cars. We attached the magnificent velocipedes to a hidden tree, snacked and tied on some speedy shoes. Beating through the vicious creek until the valley opened, we began our ascent to Smuts Pass, where the trees finally relinquished their grasp on our flesh. There we found snow, and trod carefully for fear of getting … Continue reading Smuts Pass, Birdwood Traverse and Burstall Pass

The Grande Tour of the Nordic Centre

The Grande Tour of the Nordic Centre started off as a vague idea I had, that I should really ski all of the trails at the Nordic Centre. And that it should definitely be possible to ski them all in one day. And then I went and mentioned this idea to a couple of fellow lunatics who considered that this may well be a worthy thing to attempt. When it came down to it though, the day we had chosen had the unfortunate problem of TOO MUCH SNOW. It is something you feel terrible complaining about, but it really makes … Continue reading The Grande Tour of the Nordic Centre

an ode to airports

Yesterday I spent nine hours in airports and aeroplanes. For the sake of flying from Melbourne to Canberra in the morning, and back again in the evening. The first culprit was the ice. As we sat in the plane at 0730 we waited for the de-icing equipment (a man with a ladder, a bucket of warm water and a credit card) along with a lot of other planes. Then came the good news! Thanks to a security breach (some contractor passed their keys around the security barrier) the entire domestic terminal was being cleared. Including us lucky folk already on … Continue reading an ode to airports

things i learnt

Places that are not good to leave your camera: The top of the Pharos, at Arapiles, where you can only get to it by roping up and climbing back up to it. Do not leave your camera by the rap station, then realise you don’t have it any more once you are at the bottom. It is TOO LATE to go back and get it. This is especially a bad idea when it proceeds to rain for the next 24 hours. NOTE – This story ended well however, and is not another in the ‘Reasons I Should Not Own A … Continue reading things i learnt

how not to epic – part two

(For the start of the adventure, see Part One) I woke up at 7 on Saturday morning, but in the end it’s 8 by the time we were packed and hiking out of camp. Our plan was to hike out on Crosscut Saw, and get as close to the Razor as we could – of course the plan was really to get to the Razor, but we didn’t know if we’d be able to cover that much ground. We set off on a cool morning, but once we reached Crosscut Saw, it was warming up. The morning view of Crosscut … Continue reading how not to epic – part two