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any regrets?

I regret that I didn’t look at the weather before I left home to cycle to work this morning. I regret that I didn’t bring spare pants to work with me. I lament the fact that I will be sitting in wet pants all day today. (Oh, and I also regret that my horse in the Melbourne Cup came fourth in a photo finish, swine horse)

as promised…

The triumphant arrival of my new camera. It appears to take photos, which is what I was hoping for, so I’m rather pleased. Getting it home was interesting. I cycled back from Fedex in torrential rain: visibility was low, thunder and lightning overhead, I was completely saturated, and not getting any drier as I pedalled through inches of water, with vehicles driving past throwing even more sheets of water at me. I had trouble keeping my eyes open in the rain; by the time I got home they were thoroughly bloodshot. The camera stayed dry though.

you can’t get the wood, you know

On the advantages of driving on the right-hand side of the road… I am left-footed. When I go cycling in traffic in Australia, I have to grovel about standing in the gutter, with my right foot resting on the road. Meanwhile everyone else stands proudly tall, their left foot on the kerb. However, when I get to cycling on American roads, finally I have my day, and can stand on the kerb with pride (I was excited when I discovered this). Also, I’ve torn my A2 pulley (sounds rather impressive and doctor-waffley doesn’t it? It’s the tendon in my left … Continue reading you can’t get the wood, you know