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Moab 6: Not Moab at all, but a day trip to Fruita, Colorado

We’d all heard wonderful things about the riding in Fruita, Colorado. Well, Alex and I had heard wonderful things, and Brendan had ridden there, and seemed to think it was a good idea. The idea of going over there and camping for a night or two was proposed, but dubious weather and cool overnight temperatures led to a day trip only – to 18 Road. Zipping over to Western Zipity The Moosling running most of the way up Prime Cut Probaby on Western Zipity Alex on Zipity Doo Dah The Moosling stares disdainfully from the Tout Singletrailer – probably on … Continue reading Moab 6: Not Moab at all, but a day trip to Fruita, Colorado

so… the longs peak story

(rewind to Wednesday 21st September) I wake to the alarm at 1am, after a night of restless sleep and strange dreams. I pull on a pile of clothes, it’s feeling fairly warm though, and there’s no wind. “Doesn’t seeing rings around the moon mean bad weather is on the way?” Boer asks. The sky looks cloudy, not promising. We hike to the ranger station and fill out the log, then repeat Mondays easy trek through the trees. The moon is only a few days from being full, so it’s bright enough that our headlamps are unecessary. It gets darker and … Continue reading so… the longs peak story

rewind – the colorado story

So, I’ll take a break from packing my bags for the trip back to Australia to give a rewind account of the Colorado adventure. Flying into Colorado, we had some trouble adjusting to the fact it was flat. Really flat. All through Denver and Boulder, up until the point where it suddenly shot up to about 10,000 feet. We’d been hoping to climb the Third Flatiron that night, but we were tired, and weren’t sure about the descent, so we decided to eat lots of food and sleep instead. As the moon was peeking above the horizon on the evening … Continue reading rewind – the colorado story