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A very frosty Christmas

We had a very renovations and virus-filled Christmas, with nary a Christmas tree to be seen. On the plus side, our house was a welcome island of serenity in a world overwhelmed with Christmas-related exuberance. On the minus, nostrils clogged with sawdust are not terribly festive. The Christmas train came to visit though, and so we went to see the track-side excitement. And some of the usual trailside decorations popped up as well.


Christmas Day followed the by now fairly traditional pattern of Alex being at work, and the Moosling and I hanging out at home opening a few presents. The difference this year being that no-one was sick, and the boy was actually keen on the whole presents thing. Although when I told him that the Ho Ho had brought some presents, he was a little dubious. On arriving upstairs he declared: “Where is the Ho Ho? Ho Ho gone! *points out window* No, was Mama. Mama did presents.” So that didn’t last long. So there was the donning of the festive … Continue reading Christmas

Before it got cold – where we find a Christmas tree, and go for a walk

The Christmas Tree gang The enthusiasm when the walk begins – keen to carry the backpack Out along the Bow River, it’s snowy, but not too cold. The sun never gets very high in the sky this time of year, spending most of the time skirting the mountains and peeping out at us. Possibly the longest set of stairs in the world Through the forest and over the hill, and up the mountain we go Carrying the boy through the dogpark, because the dogpark is a bit scary A Christmas tree on the Highline trail And a Merry Chrismukkah to … Continue reading Before it got cold – where we find a Christmas tree, and go for a walk

Christmas again! Already? Surely not.

For the first time since we’ve been in Canada, we got a real, genuine, not-made-out-of-newspaper-or-a-stack-of-old-tins Christmas tree. It smells of tree and has covered the house in pine needles, even if it is only sparsely decorated with home-made cinnamon stars (although now we have a rock-climbing Santa and a telemarking Santa to fill in the gaps a little). We spent the traditional morning at the ski hill – and it snowed! And it was really warm, continuing the trend of this winter. Unfortunately just as the flakes were getting lovely at fat and soft, I had to head home to … Continue reading Christmas again! Already? Surely not.

vaguely christmassy

Suffering from the standard hemisphere-displacement complaint of “It just doesn’t feel like Christmas if it’s not stinking hot/minus 20oC/snowy/dusty/filled with venomous snakes”.     We do have a Christmas tree though. Well, Christmas cactus. At least it’s trying. I don’t think it would take many baubles without complete cactus-failure occurring though. Out on the streets it’s a different matter, with shiny lights and snow-covered Christmas trees everywhere.     (PS. Imperial leather is an odd name for soap)

why fondue went out of style (or, we nearly burnt the damn house down)

For Christmas dinner, we also tested out my fancy schmanzy new fondue set. Well fancy schmancy retro fondue set, that Secret Santa had bought for me from the Canmore thrift shop.   We read through the instruction book carefully. It was full of helpful tips. “Fondue and friends make a gay after-ski party.” “Liven up this informal party with bright coloured table decorations. For the buffet centrepiece, glue coloured paper cups end-to-end to hold attractively-arranged flowers.” “Needless to say, more extensive burns should receive a doctor’s prompt medical attention.” “In addition, a fire extinguisher should be as easily accessible to … Continue reading why fondue went out of style (or, we nearly burnt the damn house down)

the snow in town, it just doesn’t go away

Since the start of December (or some time around then) the snow just hasn’t left the streets. Well, technically it’s left the streets. Unless you count the mushy brown stuff that looks distractingly like creamed butter and brown sugar. But it’s still everywhere else.     These photos were taken at the start of December, just before Banff Avenue re-opened (after months of roadworks). It was a perfect surface for skiing up and down on.     The Christmas lights are coming out all over town now. And suddenly all of those Christmas cards and images and song lyrics make … Continue reading the snow in town, it just doesn’t go away


Christmas in Melbourne – the Bourke St stars now replace the old green and red spirally things that they used for years until really, they were falling apart, and having old Christmas decorations on your tree at home is all well and good, due to emotional attachment, etc etc, but who on earth was so attached to those spiral things with the stars cut out of them that they hung around as city decorations for a good few years after they were well due for retirement?

christmas traditions

Several weeks before Christmas, my brother and I would start hassling my parents regarding the need for a Christmas tree. Eventually, time would be found, and we’d pile into the ute, with the dog and the axe in the back, and drive down to the Creek – a nice spot 17km away, where red river gums grew. Once there, the hunt would commence for a suitable Christmas tree. We would drive strategically around the area, occasionally stopping to check out potential saplings, before rejecting them as too sparse, too big, too infested with ants, and so on. Some time would … Continue reading christmas traditions