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Ribbon Lake camping

Camping at Ribbon Lake was another cunning plan of Tanya’s, come to fruition while my mother was visiting.  A bunch of us had booked camping sites up at Ribbon Lake, and four families gathered in the parking lot to hike in together. The Ribbon Creek bridge is much further away when you’re hiking instead of riding the High Rockies trail. There were four kids along in our group hiking in. All good little hikers, but enjoying the stops to check out the river and throw rocks into them. Our lunch stop was at the scenic circular waterfall. After a break … Continue reading Ribbon Lake camping

Down Quilt Recipe

First of all, my supplies were ordered from Thru Hiker, and I used the tutorials here and here to make my quilt. The finished quilt Decide on a quilt size and design We went with 201cm x 188cm (79 x 74″), tapering to 127cm (50″) wide at the bottom. When deciding on quilt size, remember that there’s about a couple of inches of shrinkage between the nice flat fabric measured out on the floor, to the poofy and crinkly finished quilt. Most people seem to make footboxes. Neither of us wanted a footbox, but thought that it would be easy … Continue reading Down Quilt Recipe

albert river circuit

The overnight hike of the trip – the Albert River Circuit in Lamington National Park, from Green Mountain out to Echo Point and back. Albert River was that way apparently. We followed the arrow, the sign seemed to know what it was talking about.   The walk goes past many waterfalls. Thanks to the drought (Brisbane is in Stage 5 water restrictions) most of them were not particularly vigorous about the whole falling thing. Trickle would have been more accurate.   The view from Echo Point, from the Lamington National Park up in Queensland, down to the hills of New … Continue reading albert river circuit

i for one…

I’m house-sitting at the moment, and feeding the cats that belong to the house. One of the cats is ignoring me, but the other welcomed me as its new overlord as soon as it realised I would be feeding it. Meanwhile, back to the weekend adventuring – this was camp on Monday night. It’s on Mount Ramsay on Wilson’s Prom, the granite boulders are at the summit, and provided excellent dinner tables, as well as sun lounges.

minions to carry the cowbells

A warm sunny weekend was spent at Arapiles, as we took out a heap of beginners to play on the rock, and come multi-pitching. Nothing quite like sleeping outside in the Pines campground, watching satellites before you fall asleep, listening to the guys in the campsite next door talk about their epics on past climbs, and having possums run all over the campsite, and over you in your sleeping bag, as they hunt around for food. And then getting woken up by the rising moon, before falling asleep again, and getting woken by the sun the second time around. Clear … Continue reading minions to carry the cowbells

yes you did, you invaded poland

Weekend at Old Rag… Early morning pancakes, lots of sun, hiking up the mountain like little pack mules, loaded down with climbing gear, sweating like crazy, gloriously evil granite crack climbs, thunderstorms and rain at the end of the day, soaking wet trekking down off the mountain through brilliant green landscape, bright orange geckoes lazing on the road, cooking dinner sitting on the ground next to the ute, dragging aching legs to hike out to a campsite, collapsing in the tent and melting into the ground with exhaustion … fun :) Now excuse me while I go and throw my … Continue reading yes you did, you invaded poland