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scrub bashing II: the sequel you have all been waiting for

With our previous failed attempt echoing at the back of our minds, combined with a challenge issued regarding a cache unfound since placement on Mt Latrobe 800 days ago, we realised that we had less than four weeks before we left the country for quite some time – leaving the cache wide open for others to collect it before us. We spotted a window of good weather at the Prom, and the decision was made – this time, we were getting that peak (and the cache with it). Having learnt our lesson from our previous attempt however, this time we … Continue reading scrub bashing II: the sequel you have all been waiting for

glasshouse mountains

Pineapple farms! The Glasshouse Mountains were surrounded by the bloody things. Pineapple farms with Mt Tibrogargan in the background   Mum on the summit of Mt Ngungun   Scribblygum. No really. The zigzags are from tunnels made by larvae of the Scribbly Gum Moth – they lay eggs between layers of old and new bark, the larvae burrow into the new bark, and as the old bark falls away, the trails are revealed. The tunnel diameters increase as the larvae grow, and the ends of the tracks show where the larvae stopped to pupate.   View of the Glasshouse Mountains … Continue reading glasshouse mountains

albert river circuit

The overnight hike of the trip – the Albert River Circuit in Lamington National Park, from Green Mountain out to Echo Point and back. Albert River was that way apparently. We followed the arrow, the sign seemed to know what it was talking about.   The walk goes past many waterfalls. Thanks to the drought (Brisbane is in Stage 5 water restrictions) most of them were not particularly vigorous about the whole falling thing. Trickle would have been more accurate.   The view from Echo Point, from the Lamington National Park up in Queensland, down to the hills of New … Continue reading albert river circuit

“i can see why people eat them”

In honour of the Queen (may she long reign over us, etc) we hiked up the highest mountain in the state on the long weekend. Much less pointy and impressive than the mountains available in Europe and Asia and those sorts of places, but high(ish) at 1986m (6516 ft). And snow-covered, which has to count for something. After parking the car at around 650 metres, we spent most of Sunday going uphill. Up Staircase Spur, through the singed mountain ash, past Bivouac Hut, past the growing collections of snow at the side of the path, through the snowgum regrowth, and … Continue reading “i can see why people eat them”

happy mothers day

After driving along a bumpy windy hilly dirt road for what seemed forever, through fog and then snow, we arrived at the carpark on Friday night, at about 12.30. Consensus was to hike in then, so we didn’t have to pack up camp in the morning. Half an hour later we were in warm hiking clothes, packs at the ready. Ten minutes later half of the clothes had been removed, and shoes were getting damp from slogging through snow. The full moon was so bright you could nearly manage without a headlamp… except for those occasional rocks lurking in the … Continue reading happy mothers day

how not to epic – part two

(For the start of the adventure, see Part One) I woke up at 7 on Saturday morning, but in the end it’s 8 by the time we were packed and hiking out of camp. Our plan was to hike out on Crosscut Saw, and get as close to the Razor as we could – of course the plan was really to get to the Razor, but we didn’t know if we’d be able to cover that much ground. We set off on a cool morning, but once we reached Crosscut Saw, it was warming up. The morning view of Crosscut … Continue reading how not to epic – part two

how not to epic – part one

Last weekend was Van‘s first adventure. We drove out to Alpine country, to the Mt Howitt carpark. There were lots of nice hilly twisty dusty rocky roads for me to relearn my manual driving skills on – that’s right, Van is not an automatic. Van enjoys the alpine climate   After arriving Thursday evening, we hiked out to MacAlister Springs on Friday morning. There we set up camp, and visited the Loo with a View, before packing for a day ‘walk’. Loo with a View   Our plan was to descend down into Terrible Hollow, via Devil’s Staircase, then head … Continue reading how not to epic – part one