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Boom Lake

Family Day long weekend was a good chance to get out skiing, and on Monday morning there were blue skies and at least 10cm of snow at Boom Lake. We didn’t realise that when we had organised to go, or when we set out in the morning. But things magically turned out ok. Except maybe for those few moments where it seemed like Tomo’s car wouldn’t be able to make it into the parking lot because there was too much fresh snow. With hindsight, I wouldn’t have used the downhill-skis-and-tow-rope setup for the Moosling. Well, I would probably have still … Continue reading Boom Lake


On Sunday we revisited Boom Lake two years after I first went there. So this time around I was wise to the fact there really isn’t much elevation gain, and it’s basically a rolling trail both ways. At the moment the trail is a mangled mess of tracks left by hikers, dogs, snowshoes and skis – or perhaps that’s the way it normally is. It’s not the best trail for the Chariot – you can get it along, but with difficulty at some points, as it tends to be a bit off-camber and narrow in spots. The Ergo would have … Continue reading BOOM!

boom lake

It wasn’t going BOOM at all (except for once perhaps, on the way up).     Starting from a parking lot not far South of Castle Junction, you head up through the trees, then up and down a meandering path through the trees til you hit the lake about 5km later. When we went up there were only a few sets of footprints there, some of which had obviously given up after a kilometre or so. The lake was mostly frozen (except for those few disconcertingly slushy sections), and had a few inches of snow on it. There are a … Continue reading boom lake