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Woohoo, biking on dirt!

Sadly there’s not much in the way of riding photos. Because we were too busy riding. Suffice to say it was an awesome day. Dry trails, sun, warmth, fun singletrack, fantastic riding companions, awesome new bike. Still recovering from a(nother) cold, early season legs. Still good. It was my first time out on the Giant Lust Advanced 2, and I already love it. Looking forward to a fun summer with lots of biking.

Winter Meltdown Triathlon (more of a ‘Do your worst winter, who wants spring anyway’)

Despite all rumours to the contrary, it’s supposed to be Spring by now. No-one has told the weather yet. They’re worried it will start hitting us with -10oC days to go with the snow. Anyway, somehow I ended up doing a Winter Triathlon. Sensibly, it involved no swimming. Instead there was a ski leg, which I ended up doing. As a result, there are no photos of that part, so instead I bring to you photos of people trying to bike in 15cm of fresh snow (heh heh), and running through 15cm of fresh snow (heh heh heh). A bike … Continue reading Winter Meltdown Triathlon (more of a ‘Do your worst winter, who wants spring anyway’)

The bike fairy came

So, the bike fairy finally came, and I have myself a Giant Anthem X 29er 3 now. So far it hasn’t been on anything except for snow – including a ride down the main street at the end of the snow-on-the-street festivities. So it’s still shiny and new. I’m waiting for the snow on the trails to melt now. Impatiently.

the grand bike tour of 2009

Well, it’s nearly time…     Phase One – Japan 31 May – 17 June 2009 Phase One will be undertaken with myself, Alex, and a mysterious character known only as The Boy (who may or may not be my brother). The advantage to this set-up is that Alex and myself speak no Japanese, whereas The Boy has considerable kanji skills. But on the other hand, The Boy has not left Australia since he was 9, and has not done much camping since then either. Whereas Alex and I have spent lots of time travelling round and living in foreign … Continue reading the grand bike tour of 2009

winter tyres

    After Sundays adventure I’m hobbling around on crutches with a knee that is swollen like a water balloon and won’t bear much weight. Thankfully there’s probably nothing broken, fractured, twisted or torn, so I just have to wait for my knee to stop panicking (it has an built-in air bag that doesn’t deploy quickly enough?) and recovery might not take too long. I hope.     Then I shall buy these tyres (Schwalbe Winter Marathons) and laugh in the face of any ice and snow in my path.

all things considered, this day gets a D-

Pro I got to have a sleep-in, because I was doing the Yamnuska Leading on Ice course today. Con Our Jeep still isn’t working, so I had to leave the house early to cycle to the Yamnuska Office. Pro Riding around town is always fun, and it was fairly warm this morning. Con I arrived at the offices at 8am (as it instructed on the email I got) and everyone else had apparently been there since 7.30, and they’d been having a pre-course briefing. Pro I got to carpool with a nice Japanese girl. Con The other car which held … Continue reading all things considered, this day gets a D-

another silly bike adventure

So apparently it’s largely uphill along the highway from Canmore to Banff. Only 700 metres gain over 25km or so. Gradual enough to make you think it’s flat, and that you’re just really unfit – until you turn around and go the other way.   Riding along the 1A   Despite the cool temperatures on Thursday (it was around minus 13oC at 11am, I don’t know that it got much warmer), we went Banff-wards by bike – largely to go and see the new Warren Miller movie (Children of Winter, much better than other Warren Miller movies I’ve seen in … Continue reading another silly bike adventure

the bike ride

The Surly LHT went out for a test ride today, from town back to the farm – a distance of just 45km which seems much further psychologically, but realistically is fairly similar in length to most other segments of 45 kilometres, and so didn’t take much more than two hours, even with my loaded panniers on and an unpleasant headwind.     In the end I got distracted with the riding and did not take many photos. Well, not only distracted with the riding, I also developed a gripping fear of getting catheads (or caltrops, or whatever you want to … Continue reading the bike ride

planning for europe

As I’ve been whiling my time away looking at accounts of bike tours, it suddenly occurred to me that my two rear panniers (Deuter Rack Pack I think they are) probably wouldn’t carry enough stuff for cycling round Europe for four months. Even if I lashed things on top of them. There would be water and food and camping gear, and maybe, just maybe, tying everything to the back of my bike would be do-able, but would not necessarily be very rideable. Lots of people seemed to have front panniers. Also, I would really need somewhere to put my camera … Continue reading planning for europe

mud and pemmican

Another ride up to Whiteman’s Gap, but without the hike up Ha Ling afterwards. It was cold (well, not really cold in the scheme of things for the Rockies, but cold after the nice 20oC temperatures I’ve become accustomed to), and raining as I cycled into the cloud. This left the dirt road lovely and muddy.     This photo was taken at the top, looking away from town across the dam. It takes just under an hour to bike here from home.     And it only takes about 15 minutes to get from Whiteman’s Gap back down to … Continue reading mud and pemmican

riding home from sunshine

I’d meant to do this for a while, but just not gotten around to it – the ride home from work. Theoretically I should be riding there as well, but it’s a 42km (26mi) ride including a nice 7km hill climb tacked on the end. So instead I took the easy way out, and ferried my bike into work this morning in one of the work trucks.     The coast down hill I was expecting for the first 7km turned out to include two of the three biggest hill climbs of the whole ride – that’s what you get … Continue reading riding home from sunshine

the joys of the state capital

Well when I was out and about in Canberra (once I finally got there) my bike and I had some fun cruising around the place. The cunning plan of bringing my bike with me as check-on luggage, assembling at the airport, riding off, and then re-packing for the flight home, worked pretty well. I also found some swans in Lake Burley Griffin. Thankfully they didn’t attack me when they discovered I wasn’t carrying any bread.

luang prabang – the wonder years

The overnight bus was an experience. We’re still too used to being in Australia, and are alarmed when they haul a moped onto the roof of the bus by hand, and tie it on (along with the rest of our luggage). I gain an appreciation of Thai and Laos karaoke, and am enthralled by Thai kung fu movies with tuk-tuk chases. The 5am arrival in Luang Prabang lets us watch the sunrise … if we could be bothered… Most of the first day is spent asleep, and then watching locals play bocce by the side of the road. This is … Continue reading luang prabang – the wonder years

recommendations #34: hit and run

I recommend not colliding with cars. I was riding in a bike lane the other afternoon, heading straight. Then suddenly there was a car in front of me – he had been coming from the opposite direction, and was turning in front of me to go into a side street on my side of the road. He saw me when he was already at the bike lane, and accelerated to try and make it through in front of me. He almost made it, but even with my braking, I still ran into the side of him, towards the back of … Continue reading recommendations #34: hit and run