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A grand Moosling adventure

We set out for a bike ride together, the Moosling and I. I was thinking we’d head out along the Legacy Trail for a few kilometres and then turn back again. The longest ride he’d done on his own bike was just 6km or so. But once we started riding towards Banff, he was pretty adamant that he was going to ride the whole way there. We’d done it with him on the trail-a-bike plenty of times. And at least one of those times he’d been pedalling pretty much the whole way. I was a little short on snacks, but … Continue reading A grand Moosling adventure

A grand day out

Kat and I hatched a cunning plan – well, she had a plan to hike up Sulphur Mountain. I said I would ride there with the boy, and meet them at the base. She decided to join me for the whole grand outing. The ride to Sulphur Mountain was in itself quite epic. Getting to Banff takes long enough when you’re towing small children. We made it there, and then had a refuelling stop at Wildflour Bakery (ohh, that place is delicious). There we met Mike and Dwayne, who bravely cheered us on from the safety of the car, as … Continue reading A grand day out

Biking to Banff with my favourite training weight

Now the boy is big enough to big enough to be pedalling we’ve sold off the bike towing devices, and he’s only ever on the trail-a-bike if we get out on long rides together. Sadly though, the trail-a-bike we have really doesn’t handle offroad trails that well (at least not the rough rocky rooty ones around here). We’re still torn about what to do as a solution – Tout Terrain make a gorgeous trail-a-bike with suspension, but it also costs close to $2000. In the meantime, the boy really enjoys riding the trail to Banff, and has taken to suggesting … Continue reading Biking to Banff with my favourite training weight

Tour Divide on the brain

This has been the perfect winter for biking. The ski season has been absolutely rubbish. But the trails are dry in March! (well, a bit dry… some of them). And because of my plan to ride the Tour Divide in June, I’ve been riding a lot. An awful lot. Ok, nowhere near so much as some other people out there are, but given the constraints of full time work, plus a husband and small child, I’ve been spending a good chunk of my waking moments spinning my pedals. This is by far the most organised I’ve ever been in attempting … Continue reading Tour Divide on the brain

A crazy long run

I’d been wanting to do something a little epic on Saturday, but couldn’t decide what. But then I was invited to run along the Rundle Riverside trail from Canmore to Banff. “What a fantastic idea!” I said to myself, “And then if I’m still feeling chipper I could run up and down Sulphur Mountain as well, I’ve been meaning to do that.” It’s been a while since I’ve ridden it, but I think Rundle Riverside makes a better running trail than biking trail. The Canmore end is horrifically rooty. After a while though, it eases off and becomes a very … Continue reading A crazy long run

Legacy Trail to Banff

Probably my last ride along the Legacy Trail before the weather turns and covers it with just enough snow to make it un-rideable, but probably not enough to make skiing the whole thing a fun idea (I have dreams of them grooming it for skate-skiing, that would be just awesome. Photo taken with fancy new phone – amazing camera!

12 hours of Saturday

  8am – Peaceful breakfast :)     9am – Finn helping me with the laundry     10am – Another warm day! And it’s snowing like crazy.     11am – Back in the car after finally meeting up with everyone, now off to the trailhead     12pm – Skiing along the Goat Creek trail, starting from Canmore, heading to Banff     1pm – Lunch break at the first bridge     2pm – Crossing the second big bridge – still snowing like crazy     3pm – Still snowing! (the Chariot behind me is covered now) … Continue reading 12 hours of Saturday

ice-capades on a frozen lake

Looking through the guidebook for an ice climb to do on a windy day with high avalanche risk, we struck upon the climbs down by the edge of Lake Minnewanke. The guidebook told us that the first ascent team had used iceskates to get to the climbs – but for later in the season recommended bikes. “Ok”, we thought, “bikes it is, that sounds like a great idea”.   Walking the bikes across Lake Minnewanke   Arriving at the lake we had to hunt around for a while to find a good place to get onto the ice – neither … Continue reading ice-capades on a frozen lake

another silly bike adventure

So apparently it’s largely uphill along the highway from Canmore to Banff. Only 700 metres gain over 25km or so. Gradual enough to make you think it’s flat, and that you’re just really unfit – until you turn around and go the other way.   Riding along the 1A   Despite the cool temperatures on Thursday (it was around minus 13oC at 11am, I don’t know that it got much warmer), we went Banff-wards by bike – largely to go and see the new Warren Miller movie (Children of Winter, much better than other Warren Miller movies I’ve seen in … Continue reading another silly bike adventure

decapitated in a blogging accident

Last weekend was lovely and sunny and warm, so I was out stocking up on Vitamin D for the Winter. And climbing, and jumping into lakes, and scrambling up small mountains.   I’m not the bearded one in the water, this is just to demonstrate the fact that it really was warm. This is Lake Minnewanka, a glacial lake that probably isn’t pronounced how you’re thinking it’s pronounced, and that’s Mt Rundle hanging out in the background.   It seems like the sun has cut down on it’s visiting hours considerably over the last fortnight. Suddenly we’re getting up in … Continue reading decapitated in a blogging accident

riding home from sunshine

I’d meant to do this for a while, but just not gotten around to it – the ride home from work. Theoretically I should be riding there as well, but it’s a 42km (26mi) ride including a nice 7km hill climb tacked on the end. So instead I took the easy way out, and ferried my bike into work this morning in one of the work trucks.     The coast down hill I was expecting for the first 7km turned out to include two of the three biggest hill climbs of the whole ride – that’s what you get … Continue reading riding home from sunshine

the silliest adventure in some time

It was 8 o’clock in the morning and we had thrown on our backpacks (heavily laden with mountaineering boots, crampons, rope and axes) and leaped on our trusty bicycles. The bicycles had been rescued from the fence outside our house just a few days earlier, after sitting in the snow and ice all winter. It took a while to cut through the locks, but in the end we were rewarded with bikes of … well, dubious quality, but at least they went. After meeting Jody in town and we confirmed all bikes were in working order (although in an attempt … Continue reading the silliest adventure in some time

why fondue went out of style (or, we nearly burnt the damn house down)

For Christmas dinner, we also tested out my fancy schmanzy new fondue set. Well fancy schmancy retro fondue set, that Secret Santa had bought for me from the Canmore thrift shop.   We read through the instruction book carefully. It was full of helpful tips. “Fondue and friends make a gay after-ski party.” “Liven up this informal party with bright coloured table decorations. For the buffet centrepiece, glue coloured paper cups end-to-end to hold attractively-arranged flowers.” “Needless to say, more extensive burns should receive a doctor’s prompt medical attention.” “In addition, a fire extinguisher should be as easily accessible to … Continue reading why fondue went out of style (or, we nearly burnt the damn house down)

the snow in town, it just doesn’t go away

Since the start of December (or some time around then) the snow just hasn’t left the streets. Well, technically it’s left the streets. Unless you count the mushy brown stuff that looks distractingly like creamed butter and brown sugar. But it’s still everywhere else.     These photos were taken at the start of December, just before Banff Avenue re-opened (after months of roadworks). It was a perfect surface for skiing up and down on.     The Christmas lights are coming out all over town now. And suddenly all of those Christmas cards and images and song lyrics make … Continue reading the snow in town, it just doesn’t go away

climbing frozen waterfalls

In lieu of any new ice climbing activity on my latest days off, I’ll just have to reminisce about climbing Cascade Falls the other week.     Just outside of Banff, the 300 metre high Cascade Falls are a popular tourist destination in Summer (there was even a tour bus that had stopped to admire them as we were walking back to the car after finishing climbing for the day – noone on the bus showed much of an inclination to get out though). And in Winter they turn into a fairly classic WI3 ice climb.     We only … Continue reading climbing frozen waterfalls

bit nippy out

I’m not sure when the temperatures were last above freezing, but I think it was a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately there isn’t much snow looming in future forecasts, but at least all the cold will be helping the ice climbs get nice and fat.   But I’m beginning to see what all the Canadians in Melbourne were complaining about. Whether it’s the proper heating over here, the really dry air, or the fact the temperatures don’t seem to jump around so much, I’m finding the cold here easier to deal with than in Melbourne. Of course I might change … Continue reading bit nippy out

snow snow snow

6.20am Wake up 7.00am Leave home to walk to the bus stop to catch the bus to work 7.10am Stand around in the cold, sipping at my tea, waiting for the bus to come and hoping it isn’t too full 7.45am Arrive at work 8.00am The sun rises 11.30am Go out skiing 1.30pm Get back to work 4.50pm The sun sets 5.30pm Catch the bus home 6.00pm Arrive at the house 10.20pm Fall asleep (maybe)