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Australia Part 3: Arapiles days continued…

Wednesday was a chance to revisit my childhood of stomping about in the Grampians. Well, not exactly all of my childhood, but rather some highly valued and infrequent childhood trips to the Grampians. Trips that instilled a love of rock hopping, scrambling about on rocks, and getting to the top of mountains –  which my parents may have come to regret as I took to rock climbing and then disappeared to live in the Canadian Rockies. We went to hike up the Pinnacle, overlooking Halls Gap – I had distant memories of it being fun, and involving plenty of rock hopping. I was right! It … Continue reading Australia Part 3: Arapiles days continued…

Australia Part 2: Arriving in Arapiles

And so we drove south, driving in the driving rain. The only thing I can remember of the drive was the very excellent painted silos at Brim. Painted by Brisbane artist Guido van Helten, and depicting anonymous farming characters – I’d swear one could be my grandfather. We know a few people living in Natimuk these days; quite sensibly, it’s a lovely place. We lured even more people from further away to come and visit us, Brett and Sair from Melbourne, Al and Lincoln from Canberra, and Brendan and Adele from New Zealand! It could well be that the fact … Continue reading Australia Part 2: Arriving in Arapiles

mr stumpy

The next day it stopped raining and all the Stumpy Tailed lizards (a.k.a. Shinglebacks) came out to play in the sun.     And so we climbed a long climb, which was all good until on the second pitch Pete started complaining about how it was difficult to think over the noise of the bees. Then he realised there was a beehive a metre from his head, so he rapidly chose another course. It’s generally unpleasant coming up against creepy crawlies on a cliff face – you invariably have very few escape options available to you.

climbing in the rain at the arapiles

Ignoring the forecast of rain, I figured that it would probably be dry anyway. After all, it never rains at Arapiles. However, I had forgotten to take into account that with the change in government had come a change in weather patterns – since Kevin Rudd broke the drought, it just hasn’t been the same. The bare dirt has gone, to be replaced by actual green stuff growing from the ground – the paths to the climbs are festooned with daisies! And the cliffs themselves seem to be developing a healthy amount of foliage.     But anyway, it rained. … Continue reading climbing in the rain at the arapiles

building a pillow fort

A hot weekend at Arapiles saw us baking in dry 40oC heat in the Pines.   Swimming in the fire dam, somehow avoiding death by rope swing, and not catching any fish   And hiding in nice cool caves (well I did anyway).   In conclusion: lying on cool shady rock on a 40oC is much cooler than sitting in my un-airconditioned apartment on a 40oC day. Climbing in the sun is not the coolest option.

lagonda flamethrower

Commencing trepanning in 4 seconds…. First time on rock in over five months (aside from a brief flirtation with the You Yangs for the sake of some advertising material; however, as that involved nothing more than standing around and looking like climbers, it doesn’t really count for much). It was a weekend of nearly full moon, no night climbing, but some night photography. Time spent lazing in the sun, climbing rock, watching other people climbing rock, and getting hungry due to the impact of the global shellite shortage on the Wimmera area supermarkets. The photo below of the Plaque and … Continue reading lagonda flamethrower

things i learnt

Places that are not good to leave your camera: The top of the Pharos, at Arapiles, where you can only get to it by roping up and climbing back up to it. Do not leave your camera by the rap station, then realise you don’t have it any more once you are at the bottom. It is TOO LATE to go back and get it. This is especially a bad idea when it proceeds to rain for the next 24 hours. NOTE – This story ended well however, and is not another in the ‘Reasons I Should Not Own A … Continue reading things i learnt

weekend warriors

So, we went to Arapiles, despite the dubious weather forecast. We climbed, it rained a bit, we sheltered under boulders, climbed some more, got rained on, climbed again, Sair found booty, had a delicious pub meal at Natimuk, slept, got up, climbed, I found booty and then climbed some more. Then I ate Squinky the Candy Cane Elephant as we drove home. It was an uneventful weekend. Sair, queen of open-hand climbing, pulling the bulge on D Minor (14)

weekending at arapiles

spent the weekend at arapiles. we didn’t get a whole lot done. wandering up a climb on dunes buttress on sunday, we managed to spend at least an hour sleeping on one of the belay stations, watching the hoards streaming up missing link, with none of us feeling particularly motivated to do the final pitch of our own climb. in the end i was convinced to do it, on the grounds that i’d been climbing the longest – despite my defence that it was someone elses turn, as i’d just led the last pitch (just being probably an hour ago … Continue reading weekending at arapiles