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one and a half hours of very little adrenaline and a nice cup of tea

Friday was supposed to be a climbing day, but a sick climbing partner meant that instead I lazed around the house for hours, then eventually took my bike out for a ride to the Nordic Centre, where all the madness of the 24 hours of Adrenaline was just beginning.   My bike narrowly avoids falling off the cliff as it admires the view out across the Bow River and Canmore from near the Nordic Centre   It’s too easy sometimes to be overcome by inertia and stay in the house, but as soon as you leave you wonder what on … Continue reading one and a half hours of very little adrenaline and a nice cup of tea

after-work cragging at grassi lakes

Grassi Lakes – it lurks on the edge of town, with its soft grades and its buckety holds and its tendency to always be ok to climb at even if it’s threatening to rain. The outdoor gym crag of Canmore, with shiny ring bolts on sport climbing routes as easy as 5.5 (and up to 5.12a, but I may have had to check the guidebook for that number), nicely set up stairs and flat areas to stand on, and a lovely view. There’s even the kiddy wall section of Gardener’s Wall, where precocious children can learn to lead climb on … Continue reading after-work cragging at grassi lakes

riding home from sunshine

I’d meant to do this for a while, but just not gotten around to it – the ride home from work. Theoretically I should be riding there as well, but it’s a 42km (26mi) ride including a nice 7km hill climb tacked on the end. So instead I took the easy way out, and ferried my bike into work this morning in one of the work trucks.     The coast down hill I was expecting for the first 7km turned out to include two of the three biggest hill climbs of the whole ride – that’s what you get … Continue reading riding home from sunshine

grotto mountain

I started off on this hike with the vague idea that it would only take a couple of hours. I mean, the mountain’s just there! In my backyard! Surely it shouldn’t take too long to walk to the top. As I stumbled out the front door, I noticed snow on all of the surrounding mountains – ooohhh, that’s right, it was raining last night, I guess it must have been colder than I realised – curse this ‘Summer’ of the Canadian Rockies. And then I could have turned around and picked up my gaiters, but it seemed warm, surely it … Continue reading grotto mountain

the epic spring powder dump

So at the point when we were all getting a bit sick of the snow, and hoping rain would come to wash it away so we could go climbing and hiking and biking, and enjoy Summer … that was when one of the biggest dumps of the season came. It started snowing on Wednesday night – we woke up Thursday morning to heavy snow. And it kept coming, and coming, and coming. More snow. We walked into town, and had trouble keeping our eyes open with the snow. We got saturated, as it was wet heavy snow, and there was … Continue reading the epic spring powder dump

completely lacking in cougars

We parked in a parking lot in the middle of Canmore (well, not the exact middle perhaps, but it was certainly surrounded by houses, and there were lots of people out walking their dogs and that sort of thing) and started walking up Cougar Creek. Cougar Creek   Partially frozen, the walking got interesting at times; there was some falling through to lower layers of frozen creek, hardly any cougar attacks, and lots of crossing back and forth across the creek. And this would be why it’s nice to be the lightest one in the party   A side fork … Continue reading completely lacking in cougars