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The story of the girl and baby going up the mountain and then down again

Just because I hadn’t done it yet, and it was going to be a nice day, yesterday I skinned up the ski out at Sunshine Village with Finn in the Chariot. Had a hot chocolate in the sun in the Village (I don’t recommend the Java Lift hot chocolates unless you’re only after an expensive sugar fix). It was gorgeous up there, and there’s still so! much! snow! Then skied back down again. Skiing back down again was an exercise in snow-ploughing. Never before has one girl snow-ploughed so hard for so long. When we’re back country it’s usually not … Continue reading The story of the girl and baby going up the mountain and then down again

The Lake O’Hara Expedition

Seeing as Finn was nearly seven months old, we’d been thinking it was high time he went out for an overnight ski tour. Then the other night we were having dinner with friends, and over cupcakes and charades a plot was hatched. The next day five of us, plus baby, were booked into Elizabeth Parker Hut. It’s roughly a 12 km ski in, 11.5km of that on a nice wide road. The way in is mostly uphill (although I questioned this later, as the way back seemed to be about half uphill as well). And as you ski along, there … Continue reading The Lake O’Hara Expedition

Redearth Creek

On Tuesday we went for a ski up the Redearth Creek trail – you can keep following it all the way to Egypt Lake, and then around to Sunshine Village if you really want, or to Shadow Lake Lodge, but we just skied along for 5km before turning around. It’s a nice enough little trail, and there was still plenty of coverage – but the last downhill back to the car could be treacherous when icy!

Ribbon Creek Trails

There’s a small network of ski trails about Ribbon Creek, near Kananaskis Village and Nakiska Ski Resort. They’re track set for classical skiing, and there isn’t really enough room between tracks for skate-skiing. A nice little set of trails to spend a day exploring, there is quite a lot of up and down – and so some nice views as well. It’s nice to ski somewhere different for a change.

Return to Watridge Lake

The last time I passed by Watridge Lake I was 34 weeks pregnant, feeling too warm, with sore feet, and generally feeling as if I’d hiked far enough. We’d hiked through from Sunshine Meadows to Mount Assiniboine, and I’d already travelled 19-20km that day. I was kind of hoping for a travelator to take me home. Or a small helicopter. Perhaps a tame and friendly moose. This time I returned with a baby on the outside, and a tame snow-shoer to pull along the Chariot.     It took us less than an hour to reach the lake! I was … Continue reading Return to Watridge Lake

Chariot multi-sporting (walking and skiing counts as multi doesn’t it?)

So, today I tested the theory that I could stroll with the Chariot to the Nordic Centre carrying my ski gear; switch wheels off, skis on, attach skis and boots to me, ski a loop, then walk home again. It worked! The hardest part of the workout was pushing the Chariot up the hill to the Nordic Centre through all that slush.   Nearly there now (it’s a 3.5km walk)     Canmore Nordic Centre… January… 8oC!     On the snow, ready for transition     Transition complete, now to put skis on and away!   We ran into … Continue reading Chariot multi-sporting (walking and skiing counts as multi doesn’t it?)

Checking out the Goat Creek trail with Chariot

Goat Creek is the trail that goes from one end of Mount Rundle to the other, on the south side of the mountain. The Canmore end starts in the parking lot just beyond Whiteman’s Gap, and today we were just doing an out and back, not going all the way to Banff. We didn’t even get all the way to Goat Creek, as we had a “must turn around” time limit to meet up with friends who were hiking Ha Ling Peak (although in the end we probably could have made it down there). Skinny skis were on – I’ve … Continue reading Checking out the Goat Creek trail with Chariot

To Chester Lake with Chariot

The thing about finding ski tours to do without any avy danger – they all seem to involve skiing to lakes. Ok, not all, Goat Creek and Cascade Fire Trail are at least two exceptions I can think of. Nonetheless, on Sunday we skied to another lake.   Up and away     It was snowing the whole time – the cover of the Chariot got a good coating     A quick lunch by the lake     Happy to be out in the snow     And skiing back down again   The handlebars on the Chariot definitely … Continue reading To Chester Lake with Chariot