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Chariot multi-sporting (walking and skiing counts as multi doesn’t it?)

So, today I tested the theory that I could stroll with the Chariot to the Nordic Centre carrying my ski gear; switch wheels off, skis on, attach skis and boots to me, ski a loop, then walk home again. It worked! The hardest part of the workout was pushing the Chariot up the hill to the Nordic Centre through all that slush.   Nearly there now (it’s a 3.5km walk)     Canmore Nordic Centre… January… 8oC!     On the snow, ready for transition     Transition complete, now to put skis on and away!   We ran into … Continue reading Chariot multi-sporting (walking and skiing counts as multi doesn’t it?)

Checking out the Goat Creek trail with Chariot

Goat Creek is the trail that goes from one end of Mount Rundle to the other, on the south side of the mountain. The Canmore end starts in the parking lot just beyond Whiteman’s Gap, and today we were just doing an out and back, not going all the way to Banff. We didn’t even get all the way to Goat Creek, as we had a “must turn around” time limit to meet up with friends who were hiking Ha Ling Peak (although in the end we probably could have made it down there). Skinny skis were on – I’ve … Continue reading Checking out the Goat Creek trail with Chariot

Ha Ling: Seven

After work, and my first snow-free ascent for the year. I had the mountain to myself (there was barely even a squirrel to be seen), and it was lovely blue sky weather too.   Look, no snow! Well, still a bit on Mount Lawrence Grassi, but the Ha Ling trail was clear     It was a bit cool and windy at the summit though (finally wearing my new jacket too, see how clean and shiny looking it is – well compared to the old one which is seven years old and not very water proof any more)  

perhaps my ice climbing trips are jinxed this season?

Unfortunately this time the jinx did not take itself out on me, but my hapless climbing partner. We drove to Haffner Creek, changed into boots, loaded ourselves up with climbing gear, hiked in to the climbs, picked a likely looking first climb, climbing partner racked up and started leading. The ice was quite hard, the climb was very vertical, and climbing partner started to get pumped and shaky, attempting to place an ice screw that just wouldn’t bite. Front bail of one of climbing partner’s crampons popped off, and climbing partner rapidly went from being a few metres up on … Continue reading perhaps my ice climbing trips are jinxed this season?

back on the bike

Fed up with not having any exercise for the last week and a half, I decided to test out my knee on a short bike ride. Unfortunately the warmest it managed to make it to today was -22oC (-8oF) or so. And there was a lot of snow around, so it ended up being a longer than planned bike ride with large sections of pushing. As I set out it was like a world of pastel though, with everything snow-covered and subdued sunset pink and blues soaking through.     I went back out and cycled along my nemesis track … Continue reading back on the bike


The new sculpture in Canmore, The Head, is based on the word ceannmore – the Scottish-Gaelic word that’s said to be the origin of the towns name. It literally means ‘big head’ (although possibly in the sense of wise leader, not large and lurking stone noggin emerging from the pavement).     All sorts of headgear have been turning up on him. This crocheted beanie/toque appeared just at the start of the cold snap (and no, it wasn’t me).

early season ice

So, with the Jeep still out of action at the mechanics (and while it’s away we’re secretly looking at every Subaru we see for sale), we ended up cycling to the ice. First we tried to have a look at the Pigeon Mountain Falls near Dead Mans Flats, but the guys at the quarry in front of it weren’t having any of that. So we cycled onward to Heart Creek.   Creeksicles   Nothing was looking particularly inspiring – and Heart Falls definitely didn’t sound very frozen, I couldn’t be bothered with the scramble round to confirm one way or … Continue reading early season ice

another silly bike adventure

So apparently it’s largely uphill along the highway from Canmore to Banff. Only 700 metres gain over 25km or so. Gradual enough to make you think it’s flat, and that you’re just really unfit – until you turn around and go the other way.   Riding along the 1A   Despite the cool temperatures on Thursday (it was around minus 13oC at 11am, I don’t know that it got much warmer), we went Banff-wards by bike – largely to go and see the new Warren Miller movie (Children of Winter, much better than other Warren Miller movies I’ve seen in … Continue reading another silly bike adventure

free snorkel with every visit

Where can you see squirrels? Only in Canmore Come to Canmore we’ve got squirrels Where can you see cougars? Only in Canmore Got squirrels and cougars only in Canmore Forget Kenya Caaanmoooore Oh Canmooore Where the grizzlies are And the mule deer Canmore Canmore Canmore Caanmoooore Canmore we’re going to Canmore Can ya believe it (Anyone who is confused by this, you can go here for some sort of explanation. If you are still confused, best not to worry about it.)

the view from the supermarket

    There’s not much point to this post other than to show off our mountains. They are becoming increasingly snow-covered. Come November I’ll probably be moving to the dark side of the valley (up underneath thum thare snowy mountains), so you’ll get to see more of the other mountains – won’t that be exciting? I should be asleep – can this possibly still be jet-lag or has it crossed the boundary into random insomnia?

summer again!

While the snow continued its attempts to sneak down into town, the sun won out today. The cloud was burnt off by mid-morning, and most of the overnight sprinkling of snow on the surrounding mountains had disappeared by afternoon. Perfect climbing weather. In this case, being lazy and going to the nearest crag to town – surely no-one else will have had the same idea.   Warm weekend at Grassi Lakes – climbers, blue skies and snow on the backdrop mountains   The top section of the Grassi Lakes climbing area has been opened again for a couple of weeks … Continue reading summer again!

making a crunchy pudding from the bones of americans

Driving to work along the highway this morning: notice leaves are looking increasingly yellow. Combined with snow on surrounding peaks, begin to suspect it isn’t Summer any more. Contemplate purchasing worm farm. Will not help fend off approaching winter months, but will reduce production of bags of rubbish. Also will be able to have pet outside-worms, which is considerable bonus. Resolve to raise the issue at next board meeting.   Up at Whiteman’s Gap, feeling the breeze of a surprise chinook as the sun sets   Watch WALL-E and Get Smart, and am amused by both. No repeat of the … Continue reading making a crunchy pudding from the bones of americans

the three sisters – canmore edition

I was walking past this viewpoint with someone the other day and saw people randomly pointing cameras off into the distance taking photos. We couldn’t work out what on earth they were taking photos of, until we remembered the mountains.     On another note, car doors are sometimes surprisingly heavy. It was 5.30am and I was sidling into the passenger side of the van, with the door only just open as there was another vehicle parked closely. I’d just dropped my bag into the foot well when the door gently swung closed. On my head. This led to pain … Continue reading the three sisters – canmore edition

bike park squirrel was not amused

He sat there looking at me for 20 seconds, then chattered loudly and ran away with his pinecone.     And just to prove it really was in a bike park:     Ok, even that shot doesn’t look that much more bike-parky. Rest assured, there were more log rides, and some jumps, and a see-saw. And a 10km single trail loop that started out fairly smooth, but then seemed to get rougher and rougher as you went round it. My hardtail and I are petitioning against the excess of pine tree roots around Canmore. Also perhaps the rocks.

testing the lht

Despite the miserable looking forecast for this weekend, the weather actually turned out ok (apart from the snow on Saturday night/Sunday morning, which cannot possibly count as ok). So when we decided to go for a ride out to Grotto Canyon followed by a hike up it as far as we could be bothered going, my backpack ended up being full of a nice ballast of warm and waterproof layers while we stripped down to t-shirts.   Biking out along the 1A to Grotto Canyon   And we ended up getting to the waterfall tucked in the back of Grotto … Continue reading testing the lht

almost entirely unlike the edge of a knife

Mount Lady Macdonald – with an altitude of 2,606 m (8,550 ft) gives a 1200 metre elevation gain hiking from town. It was named in 1886 after Susan Agnes Macdonald, wife of Sir John A. Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada (this is what wikipedia claims anyway, but there are all sorts of made-up things slipping in there these days, we all know Canada doesn’t even have a Prime Minister). A typical 9 o’clock start had us leaving the house around 10 (we being Siggs and I, not Alex, who is stuck doing 14+ hour days at work this … Continue reading almost entirely unlike the edge of a knife

mud and pemmican

Another ride up to Whiteman’s Gap, but without the hike up Ha Ling afterwards. It was cold (well, not really cold in the scheme of things for the Rockies, but cold after the nice 20oC temperatures I’ve become accustomed to), and raining as I cycled into the cloud. This left the dirt road lovely and muddy.     This photo was taken at the top, looking away from town across the dam. It takes just under an hour to bike here from home.     And it only takes about 15 minutes to get from Whiteman’s Gap back down to … Continue reading mud and pemmican