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The Kootenay Gravel Grinder

It was 6.50am on Saturday morning, and Alex and I were at the 7-Eleven in Fernie grabbing a spare pair of lithium batteries for the Spot Tracker (Spoiler: The batteries we bought were alkaline instead of lithium, and I just realised that it might not have been me who made this mistake). I had no idea how old the batteries in the Spot were, and I was about to go and line up to … race? take part in? ride? the Kootenay Gravel Grinder. Race details had been kind of sparse, and organisation levels minimal. There was originally a 7am … Continue reading The Kootenay Gravel Grinder

24 Hours of … no, wait, just 12 hours this time

Wildly anticlimactic. Choked off. Like an explosion of mud. An attempt to ruin every bike. Worst racing conditions ever. Best racing conditions ever. Incredibly high levels of wetness. These were all just a few phrases used to describe the 24 Hours of Adrenalin this year. It started muddy, and got muddier. Trails that were just initially a little wet were gradually transformed into a saturated mess, and from there into a dirt soup or porridge that was several inches deep. The course was re-routed to avoid some of the single track sections, which was great for the singletrack but just … Continue reading 24 Hours of … no, wait, just 12 hours this time

Another week of biking

Lusk/Jumping Pound/Cox Hill We wanted to get out for a ride, somewhere out of the valley. I agreed to, or maybe even suggested, adding on Lusk Pass to the JP/Cox ride. It would make it a little longer and would mean we wouldn’t have to drive all the way over. And sure, I’d heard Lusk Pass wasn’t a great route, and best used as a connector if you needed it, and not worth riding more than once.  But I didn’t know. I just didn’t realise! How could I have known? It was worse because I was riding a borrowed bike. … Continue reading Another week of biking

Canada Day and lots of sun

Canada Day long weekend, with wonderfully good weather, and a visiting grandma. After a few hours of volunteering, we hit up the parade, then hung out at Centennial Park all afternoon; followed by more volunteering at the RMCC bike crit in the evening – the judge from our citizenship ceremony would be very proud. Another day, more sun, biking up to Quarry Lake for an awesome afternoon of picnic, cake, and hanging out on our Lamzac air sofa thing. And then icecream and music (and dancing) for Blue, by the old school bus. Another day with even more sun! But … Continue reading Canada Day and lots of sun

Out from Ribbon Lake via North Buller Pass

After saying goodbye to the others, we set off towards North Buller Pass. First, back over the bridge and up along that strip of snow that angles into the creek – none of us fell in. Back up and over the huge snow patches *trudge trudge trudge* I even let the boy have the camera to get a photo of us. Wandering across to North Buller pass is a route rather than a path. We spread out and picked our way across the tussocky grass, before reaching… what’s this? Yet more snow! Thankfully it was fairly easy to cross, although … Continue reading Out from Ribbon Lake via North Buller Pass

Ribbon Lake camping

Camping at Ribbon Lake was another cunning plan of Tanya’s, come to fruition while my mother was visiting.  A bunch of us had booked camping sites up at Ribbon Lake, and four families gathered in the parking lot to hike in together. The Ribbon Creek bridge is much further away when you’re hiking instead of riding the High Rockies trail. There were four kids along in our group hiking in. All good little hikers, but enjoying the stops to check out the river and throw rocks into them. Our lunch stop was at the scenic circular waterfall. After a break … Continue reading Ribbon Lake camping


As I edge dangerously closer to doing a 24hr MTB race solo, I found myself doing the inaugural Golden24 (in Golden) (yeah) as a mixed pair with Felix. It was a plan laid back in winter 2015, when the very idea of the challenge of riding as a pair sounded fascinating. As it got closer, it started to sound less fascinating, more alarming. But we had been riding our bikes up a lot of hills, and were feeling pretty good. It was only the first year for the race, so the field wasn’t huge. And there were a lot of … Continue reading Golden24


After a couple of days riding down to Fernie, my legs were still feeling overexcitable. So after a fun night staying with Katya and her family (thanks guys!), catching up and spending some quality time stalking Jackie in her Tour Divide attempt, I set off from Fernie along the Old Stumpy trail. From there I diverted onto a trail that ran mostly under the powerline right-of-way, through an active logging operation, and finally out onto the highway just outside of Sparwood. Far slower than riding the highway, with lots of up and down, but it was nice to be off … Continue reading Methadone

Megan and Kate’s excellent adventure

After waving off Jackie and the rest of the Tour Divide crew, I was on a mission. First, to drop off the offspring at school – he was almost on time. Then home, and to pack my bike ready to cycle out of the house when Kate arrived. Thankfully, Kate was running late, as I had done a bare minimum when it comes to prior preparation. Less thankfully, it was starting to rain. I helped Kate get her bike packed up for her first overnight bikepacking adventure, and then we set off into the dubious weather some time after 11am. … Continue reading Megan and Kate’s excellent adventure

Tour Divide Dreaming

I took the day off work, and got a lift into Calgary with my road bike. My bike and I were dropped off at Diner Deluxe, so we settled ourselves down at a table outside, and waited. And then Jackie arrived! She was in town to go ride the Tour Divide. But first, we were going to eat an enormous breakfast, and ride back to Canmore together. We’ve known each other since we were feckless 23 year old hippies. Back then we used to go climbing together. These days we’re both more into bikes. Wonderful breakfast eaten, I did some … Continue reading Tour Divide Dreaming

Family High Rockies ride

Mostly about the photos this time round, because I’ve kind of already given the rundown of the High Rockies trail. We stopped and had a picnic lunch at our favourite mossy spot. There were a lot of stops to play. And then also stops where I jumped out and went to take photos of everyone else, then dropped my lens cap in the waterfall and made the wise decision not to jump into the waterfall to rescue it. Some bike swap action happened. The conclusion was that the boy still fits in his Singletrailer, but noone wants to pull him. … Continue reading Family High Rockies ride

Thank you Sir, may I have another!

This is as much of a warning as anything. Do this ride if you’re up for some old-school mountain bike suffering, Kananaskis style. Glory at the deadfall you have to lift your bike over, revel in the fall line climbs, exalt at the loose fall line descents. It’s all even better if you do it on a warm day, underestimate how long it will take, and don’t bring enough water. We started from the based of Powderface Ridge, rode up Ford Knoll then along Ford Creek – this took a long time, and involved being beaten by a large amount … Continue reading Thank you Sir, may I have another!

I love the High Rockies trail

The High Rockies trail is absolutely wonderful. So far it’s just been constructed from Goat Creek to Buller Creek, although the other half is in progress this summer and is due to link through to Elk Pass when complete. It’s part of the Trans Canada Trail, which is pushing for completion of a full trail link across the country in time for Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations next year. Eventually the idea is that the High Rockies Trail will be a destination long-distance trail for our part of the world. There will be camping facilities for thru-hikers. There might be shuttle … Continue reading I love the High Rockies trail

Salty Dog – solo once more

For the last couple of years I’ve raced the Salty Dog* in a pair. This year I was worried about my knee, and rather than risking letting down a team mate, I decided to just sign up solo again. I was really looking forward to the drive all the way back out to Salmon Arm after we just drove back from Squamish six days earlier (Note – I was not actually looking forward to this). But at least I had a road trip buddy! Kat and I were racing in the same category, as I had managed to convince her … Continue reading Salty Dog – solo once more

Squamish bike trip

A week long get away to ride bikes in Squamish, where the trails are many and the nachos are delicious (well, at least the nachos we were making for ourselves in our vacation rental were absolutely wonderful). After riding in Kamloops on the way over, we started to hit up some of the local Squamish trails. Sadly I wasn’t feeling super great all week – still recovering from being sick, maybe low on iron? Who knows. But everything felt way harder than it should have done. Our only group photo, taken at the top of Rupert. It’s a super fun … Continue reading Squamish bike trip

Heart Creek hiking

I think this was my first time back up Heart Creek since the flood – and it was much more of a pile of rocks than it used to be. It is the perfect hike for a herd of small children though. It’s fairly short, with constant entertainment. Bridges! Rocks! Water to throw rocks into! Rocks to throw other rocks at! Water to try and fall into! Things to climb! To add to the excitement, we ran into a couple of guys with pretty rugged remote control cars. The boys were filled with joy and wonder, and chased about after … Continue reading Heart Creek hiking

Saturday adventures

I went out to ride with Kat along the Lake Minnewanka trail, which was in great shape. Clear all the way to the warden’s cabin, with just one fallen tree. A lazy start meant that we were out on the trail along with quite a few hikers and other bikes, although mostly on our return. We ran into some bird watchers too, and slowed down to spend some time trying to spot a bird that I cannot recall the name of. Meanwhile the menfolk stomp up Ha Ling, which was also in great condition apart from the band of snow … Continue reading Saturday adventures

A grand Moosling adventure II

The last time we tried this was June 20, 2015. It was at Finn’s suggestion back then, and that was how it happened this time around too. We were tossing up ideas about where to hike when he declared he wanted to ride to Banff to get icecream. Ok! Back then he was on 14″ wheels, his Spawn Gremlin (the equivalent of the Spawn Furi these days). It’s a great little bike. But now he’s upgraded to the Spawn Savage 1.0, with 20″ wheels, gears, no suspension, nice and light. He’s working on trying to change the gears while riding, … Continue reading A grand Moosling adventure II

Pigeon Mountain

Picking hikes in spring is always a bit tricky. Trails have started to dry, snow has kind of melted – but there are still snow patches and ices lurking about the place. It was really a bit too early to try hiking Pigeon Mountain. Based on what you could see from the road, Alex was convinced it would be dry – I was a little more dubious, but figured a little snow wouldn’t kill us. We set off fairly late – it was afternoon by the time we started hiking. The day was sunny and warm, but slightly unsettled. I … Continue reading Pigeon Mountain