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On Foot



Ha Ling Peak Distance: 6km. Elevation gain: 750m. Max elevation: 2407m. Feb 2013. Dec 2012. Feb 2012. Sept 2011. May 2011. April 2011 (fail). Sept 2010. Aug 2010. June 2010 again. June 2010. May 2010 again. May 2010. April 2010 again. April 2010. Feb 2010. Aug 2008.
Mount Lady Mac (to the teahouse@ 2377m). Distance: 9km. Elevation gain: 780m. Nov 2012. April 2011. May 2010. April 2010. March 2010. Aug 2008 (to the summit @2646m).
EEOR. May 2010 (4.5 hours).
Grotto Mountain. June 2010 (not quite to the top)
Burstall Pass August 2013.
Pigeon Mountain Distance: 16.5km. Elevation gain: 960m. Nov 2012.
Lillian & Galatea Lakes Distance: 14km. Elevation gain: 685m. Oct 2012.f
*Mount Lougheed Distance: 13.6km. Elevation gain: 1515m. Max elevation: 3107m (10,194ft). August 2012.
Read’s Tower (6.8km, 920m, max elevation: 2663 m) Sept 2011.
Middle Sister (19km, 1400 m gain, max 2769 m (9085 ft)). Time: 7hr15min. September 2011.
Mt Indefatigable August 2011.
Buller Pass Distance: 13km. Elevation gain: 671m. July 2011.
Mt Allan Distance: 16km. Elevation gain: 1350m. Max elevation: 2819m. Time: 7 hours (with plenty of breaks for snacks, photos, changing baby, lazing in sun, admiring marmots and wildflowers etc). June 2011.
Barrier Mountain Distance: 12km. May 2011.
Chester Lake Distance: 10km. Elevation gain: 310m. Max elevation: 2210m. Nov 2010.
Three Sisters Pass Distance: 6km. Elevation gain: 595m (1952ft). Max elevation: 2265m (7429ft). Hiking time: 3.5 hours (inc food, photo and diaper changing stops). Oct 2010.
Old Goat Glacier July 2011.
West Wind Pass June 2010.
Wind Ridge Distance: 12.6km. Elevation gain: 760m. June 2011. July 2012.
Heart Mountain. March 2010.
Black Prince Cirque July 2012. (meh)
Troll Falls Oct 2010. (meh)
Burstall Lakes Oct 2010. (meh)
Grassi Lakes First real Chariot expedition. Oct 2010.
Jura Creek. Sept 2011. (meh)

Sunshine Meadows. August 2013. Aug 2010. July 2010.

Plain of the Six Glaciers
. Distance: 14km. Elevation gain: 420m. July 2013.
Lake O’Hara. Distance: 28km. Elevation gain: 730m. September 2012.
Cory – Edith Pass. Distance: 13km. Elevation gain: 920m. Max elevation: 2350m. August 2012.
*Mount Bourgeau. Distance: 25km. Elevation Gain: 1435m (2,460 ft). Max elevation: 2930m (9613ft). Time: Bourgeau Lake: 1hr50m, Harvey Pass: 3hr, Summit: 4hr, Descend from summit: 5hr, Back at Harvey Pass: 5hr38min, Back at Bourgeau Lake: ~6hr10, Back at the Car: 7hr45m. Sept 2011.
Healy Pass.
Citadel Peak & Quartz Ridge. July 2011.
Sunshine Meadows to Mount Shark via Mount Assiniboine. Distance: 55km. Time: 3 days. Weeks pregnant: 34. July 2010. (Day One. Day Two. Day Three)

*The Iceline Trail. Distance: 22km. Elevation gain: 875m. Max elevation: 2230m. August 2012.
Vista and Arnica Lakes. June 2010
Trail running
*Northover Ridge, Kananaskis, AB, Canada. Distance: 35km. Elevation gain: 1610m. Time: 10 hours. August 2013.
*Iceline and Whaleback, Yoho NP, Canada. Distance: 25km. Elevation gain: 1391m. August 2013.
Lake Minnewanka, Banff NP, Canada. Dec 2012.
*Sunshine Meadows to the Citadel, Banff NP, Canada. Distance: 20km. September 2012.
*The Rockwall Trail (Floe Lake – Numa Pass section), Yoho NP, Canada. Distance: 27.5km. Elevation gain: 1400m. September 2012.
Nigel Pass, Icefields Parkway, Canada. Distance: 14km. Elevation gain: 300m. September 2012.
Sunshine Meadows, Banff NP, Canada. September 2012.
Elbow Lake – Sheep River Valley – Rickert’s Pass – Mist Ridge, Elbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial Park, K-Country, Canada. Distance: 34.5km. Elevation gain: 1200m. Time: 4hr20min. August 2012.
*Rock Isle Lake – Healy Pass – Sunshine Base, Banff NP, Canada. August 2012.

Victoria, Australia
Mount Latrobe, Wilson’s Prom. August 2007.
Mount Howitt. May 2006.
Crosscut Saw – Mount Speculation – Mount Despair. Feb 2006.

Further afield in Australia
Albert River Circuit, Queensland. June 2007.
Western Arthurs, SW Tasmania. Time: 8 days. December 2004.

While travelling
The Laugavegur trail, Iceland. Distance: 55km. Time: 4 days. August 2011.
Day Four (Botnar – Þórsmörk)
Day Three (Álftavatn – Botnar)
Day Two (Hrafntinnusker – Álftavatn)
Day One (Landmannalaugar – Hrafntinnusker)
The Routeburn, NZ. Distance: 32km. Time: 3 days. Nov 2009.
Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. July 2008.
Inca Trail, Macchu Piccu, Peru. July 2008.
Longs Peak, Colorado, USA. 2005.
Mount Elbert, Colorado, USA. 2005.
Great Falls Park, MD, USA. Feb 2005. (meh)

With Snow

Canada – Backcountry

Simpson Pass – Healy Pass. Feb 2013.
Crowsfoot Glacier Glades. Dec 2012.
Mount Gordon. Wapta Icefields, Alberta, Canada. Distance: 24km. Elevation gain: 1280m. Max elevation: 3203m. Time: ~8hr10min. April 2012.
Burstall Pass. K-Country. Feb 2012.
Lake O’Hara – Elizabeth Parker Hut overnight. Distance: 24km. Elevation gain: 500m. March 2011.

Canada – Nordic and Moosling Friendly Backcountry

Elk Lakes Cabin. Dec 2015
[gap] Brewster Creek Trail. Feb 2013.
Canmore Main Street. Feb 2013.
Lake Windermere, Invermere, BC. Jan 2013.
Chester Lake. Jan 2011. Jan 2013.
Skogan Pass, K-Country. Jan 2013. Feb 2012. Dec 2011.
Canmore Nordic Centre. Oct 2012. Feb 2011. Feb 2011. Feb 2011. Jan 2011.
Rock Isle Lake, Sunshine Meadows. April 2011.Oct 2012.
Ross Lake Circuit. Alberta, Canada. Distance: 8km. Elevation gain: 250m. Max elevation: 1840m. April 2012. April 2011.
Pipestone. By Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Distance: 13.5km. Elevation gain: 225m. March 2012.
Mt Shark, K-Country. Feb 2012. Feb 2011.
Tower Lake. Feb 2012.
Elbow Lake, K-Country. Nov 2011.
Boom Lake. April 2011.
Redearth Creek. March 2011.
Ribbon Creek Trails. March 2011.
Cascade Fire Trail. Feb 2011.
Goat Creek. Feb 2011. Jan 2011.
Moraine Lake. Jan 2011.

Canada – Resort

Sunshine Village. March 2012. Dec 2011. Nov 2011. April 2011.
Lake Louise. May 2011



MacPherson Trails, Revelstoke, BC. July 2013.
Keystone Standard Basin, Revelstoke, BC. July 2013.
Frisby Ridge, Revelstoke, BC. July 2013.
Quaite/Jewell Pass/Baldy/Prairie View/Razor’s Edge. June 2013.
Jumpingpound Ridge/Cox Hill September 2012.
Razor’s Edge September 2012.
Lake Minnewanka. July 2012.
“Kananaskis Eight”/Prairie View/Razor’s Edge. June 2012.

Family trips with the Chariot

Cascade Fire Trail – Stoney Creek Warden’s Cabin. October 2012.
Elbow Loop. June 2012.
Skogan Pass. June 2012.
Cascade River. May 2012.

Family trips with the Single Trailer

Jumpingpound Ridge. August 2013.
Jasper, AB. August 2013.
Frisby Ridge, Revelstoke, BC. July 2013.
Keystone Standard Basin, Revelstoke, BC. July 2013.
Lake Minnewanka. April 2013. May 2013.
Skogan Pass. May 2013
18 Road, Fruita, CO. 14 April 2013.
Dead Horse Point State Park, Moab, UT. 13 April 2013.
Klondike Bluffs, Moab, UT. 11 April 2013.
Moab Brand Trails, Moab, UT10 April 2013.

Snow Biking

Canmore Nordic Centre. Feb 2013.
Goat Creek Trail. March 2013.
Highline Trail, Canmore. Nov 2012.

Snow biking with the Moosling

High Rockies Trail, 8km. Dec 2015

Overnight trips

Jumpingpound Ridge. August 2013.
Cascade Fire Trail – Stoney Creek Warden’s Cabin. October 2012.


Klondike Bluffs, Moab, UT. 19 April 2013. 15 April 2013. 11 April 2013.
Slickrock, Moab, UT. 18 April 2013. 16 April 2013.
Amasa Back & Captain Ahab, Moab, UT. 17 April 2013.
18 Road, Fruita, CO. 14 April 2013.
Dead Horse Point State Park, Moab, UT. 13 April 2013.
Porcupine Rim, Moab, UT. 12 April 2013.
Sovereign Trail System, Moab, UT. 11 April 2013.
Moab Brand Trails, Moab, UT. 10 April 2013.

On Rock

… Still have to get around to this part…
Heart Creek. June 2012.

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