surly long haul trucker: i has it

Thanks to the guys at Campione in Calgary, I’m now the happy owner of a very shiny Surly LHT.



It went for its first test ride today, and seems to work. And aaahhh, the smooth gear changes of a brand new bike. All stock components on it so far, no upgrades to fancier parts. I’ll probably keep it that way too, until things actually need replacing… except perhaps the saddle. A comfy saddle is always good.



(And yes, it is green)

4 thoughts on “surly long haul trucker: i has it”

  1. Sweet – ride. All the cool kids have a LHT in their fleet…=-)

    Campione is a few blocks from me great store. Next time you are there drop ma line and I’ll zip over on my LHT for an impromptu Trucker Club mtg….hahaha….enjoy the new ride.

  2. Hah, excellent. We ended up getting chatting about xtracycles actually, and the guy was saying how one of the regulars at the store had got one not that long ago and taken it up to the Yukon, and I was going “Huh, wonder if that’s Vik?”

  3. pretty bikey!

    i love my surly cross check – took it out for the first time in months as i’ve been riding my race bike for the past 7 months (c’dale cadd 9, op2). r is going to build a city bike. exciting!

  4. Hey, great looking bike. I just picked up my LHT last week too! I haven’t long but a few miles, but I’m sure it won’t disapoint for a comfy, long distance cycle. Cheers.

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