Thank you Sir, may I have another!

This is as much of a warning as anything. Do this ride if you’re up for some old-school mountain bike suffering, Kananaskis style. Glory at the deadfall you have to lift your bike over, revel in the fall line climbs, exalt at the loose fall line descents.

It’s all even better if you do it on a warm day, underestimate how long it will take, and don’t bring enough water.

We started from the based of Powderface Ridge, rode up Ford Knoll then along Ford Creek – this took a long time, and involved being beaten by a large amount of overhanging shrubbery. Then Prairie Creek, which had a lot of hikers. Then up Powderface Creek (with stops to splash water on ourselves and cool down), and then up onto Powderface Ridge – success!

Oh wait, no, it’s still a long way to get down again. And oh. God. What is this descent? It goes forever at the same angle. It’s ok, I love baby head rocks. Why would they do this to us? What is this trail? I don’t think my hands will be able to hold my breaks for much longer. Oh, there’s the car. Thank God. And Felix has cold beers in the esky – he’s a genius!

Distance: 42km
Elevation gain: 1900m

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