gear saturation

Gear saturation: That mythical time, at some point in the future, when you will own everything you would ever need to do anything you would ever possibly want to do.

Gear saturation is a state that you can only ever strive towards, and that you will never actually reach. Always something pops up and is incredibly necessary. And if there’s not gear to be bought for new activities, then there’s always old gear that’s past its prime, falling apart, being superseded by technological advances, or being eaten by wombats.

Indeed, if you ever actually reached gear saturation, it would truly be a sad day. You could only wander around gear stores disconsolately, your debates about which item and brand was truly the superior for the intended purpose would have no fire, and your browsing on the internet would have no point.

2 thoughts on “gear saturation”

  1. The quest for gear is never ending, never sated.
    Think of P.S. Now instead of kayaks skis and carabiners, it is cots, nappies and teething rings

    shiny my precious,
    new gear warms my soul,
    no it’s mine, NO TOUCH

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