ewan mcgregor’s teeth

It was back in late 1997, and I was curled up on the sofa in my grandmother’s loungeroom in England. The ceiling was so low I could put my hand up and touch it, and it had been dark since 4am. And I was staying up late to watch Trainspotting for the first time. As I watched this strange young man on the electric television, and saw him wearing his skinny jeans, running around the streets and taking drugs, one impression struck me and stayed with me ever since. His teeth are really really alarming.

Years passed, and I watched no movies with Ewan McGregor in them. Then came Moulin Rouge. And again I had to battle my fear… watching the movie was a rollercoaster ride of conflicting emotions and turmoil. Whole minutes passed without him showing his teeth, and I would begin to relax. Then he would show his teeth again. I would cringe and hide behind the sofa.

It seemed he was everywhere. Friends learned of my terror, and took to emailing me photos of a smiling Ewan McGregor… I haven’t recovered from this affliction, as time passes it becomes no easier. But I have learnt to manage my problem.

12 thoughts on “ewan mcgregor’s teeth”

  1. I’d never noticed.

    But thanks for making it impossible for me to ever watch his movies again >:-|

    What is the secret to coping with his “paedosmile”?

  2. But thanks for making it impossible for me to ever watch his movies again >:-|

    The pleasure is all mine. I felt that other people needed to share my pain.

    Neither of these photos really capture the full wonder of the look he gives sometimes, but they came the closest. You’ll just have to rewatch some of his movies and watch his mouth closely :)

  3. you’re weird…and now I feel really bad making you watch Moulin Rouge…..did you hide behind the couch with bunny too?

  4. I’m not weird – and it was because of you making me watch Moulin Rouge that this all happened! I’d forgotten about him and his teeth until then. I blame you.

  5. (Spoiler warning!)

    I quite liked his teeth in A Life Less Ordinary – which I’m sure will terrify you, as one of the characters is a dentist (though while he operates on MacGregor, it’s not his teeth.) This is also where I first learned that MacGregor can sing – and Cameron Diaz can’t.

    You might like Stormrider – he dies early on!

  6. Thank you so much!!!! I thought I was the only one who noticed!!!!!

    His teeth have bothered me since I first saw him in Star Wars. I can’t keep from staring at them which makes me constantly miss parts of the movie.

  7. I’m in the middle of watching my first Ewan MacGregor movie and I’ve had to pause it just now to do a Google search of his teeth. Your site popped up.

    I guess they’re real. Real weird. I was sure they were fake, but alas the search yielded nothing. Except this confirmation that they’re just odd. It’s like they don’t quite fit the right way in his mouth.

  8. THANK YOU! I am sat with blind invalids who do not see it! I am being mocked even though I KNOW he has strange and alarming dentistry. I think it is because his teeth are so white, his smile is so wide, and his lips are so thin. He does have very nice teeth though. I first noticed in when I started to study ‘Trainspotting’ in my film class, and the opening scene when his character is introduced, took me aback. I love the film and he is a good looking guy, just his smile creeped me out a bit. Glad there are others!

  9. I know I am late to this party but euan’s Teeth have been a wonder for years. Unlike you though, I am jealous of them.

  10. I’ve had a problem with his whole mouth for years. Rewatching star wars films in lock down brought it all back, so I googled and found this page. It now proves to me I’m not weird, I’m not the only one who thinks this, I’ve never even voice it out loud, but the way he opens his mouth and bares his teeth bothers me. It doesn’t look right, I don’t even know why.

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