Emerald Lake ski trails

The original plan was to ski up to Lake O’Hara. But there was TOO MUCH SNOW! And so we kept driving to Emerald Lake, where there was still a lot of snow, and it was snowing, but at least it all seemed a bit more manageable, and we had never been there before, in summer or winter.

At first we headed out into the trees, along the Connector Trail.

It was pretty, but uninspiring skiing, and we turned around when we reached the part of the trail with avalanche danger.

Then after a snack we scooted out onto the lake, with the Moosling on his skis too. That lasted just a couple of hundred metres, then he started falling into the snow and complaining about being stuck, so we threw him into the Chariot, where he screamed and complained the rest of the way around the lake, which rather put a damper on the enjoyment levels for all concerned.

And so after our loop of the lake, as it had finally stopped skiing, we drove back home again. A nice little exploration.

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