Plans for 2014

Just because I’ve been dreaming about summer, here’s my am-hoping-to-do-in-2014 list:

May – Salty Dog 6hr MTB Enduro (Salmon Arm, BC – maybe as a mixed pair, otherwise solo)
May – 24 Hours Round the Clock MTB Enduro (Spokane, WA – first solo 24 hour)
June – Rundles Revenge Iron Donkey (Canmore, AB – 100km MTB on Saturday, 50km run on Sunday, what could possibly go wrong?)
July – 24 Hours of Adrenalin (Canmore, AB – probably as part of the work 5-person team)
October – Grizzly Ultra 50km run (Canmore, AB – again! Hopefully with enough running beforehand that I can finish in under 5 hours this year)

Other summer plans
* Long family bikepack into K-Country from home – I’ve already plotted a route for this, and it will be 3 days of biking, and thoroughly epic
* Bike (solo?) to Fernie from home via Tour Divide route (233km offroad) – probably in two days
* Lake Minnewanka family bikepack again – because it was really fun the first time around
* Maybe family bikepacking the Elbow loop in K-Country
* Mt. Assiniboine hike (in 3 or 4 days?) – last completed when I was 34 weeks pregnant, this time we’ll be attempting to get him to walk most of it, which I suspect will be even more challenging.
* Run the Lake O’Hara Alpine Circuit – still haven’t done it, and would love to
* Run Mount Allan through, from Nakiska to Canmore
* Run the Mystic Pass loop – Inkpots to Norquay at least?
* Run Hwy 93 to Sunshine (there are a lot of trails to explore out there – Gibson Pass? Whistling Pass? Honeymoon Pass? Redearth Pass? Egypt Lake?)
* Run Rockwall Traverse (either the full traverse, or the northern section I haven’t been on yet)
* Run Sunshine Village to Mt Assiniboine and out to Mount Shark (especially if we don’t end up getting organised to do the hike with Finn)
* Scramble/hike the Windtower
* Scramble Cascade Mountain (it’s been on my to-do list for 6 years now I think)
* Scramble/run Nihahi Ridge
* Explore the biking in the Moose Mountain/West Bragg area
* Bike Jumpingpound/Cox/Powderface
* Maybe a long weekend biking down in the Rossland area? Or definitely Fernie at least!
* Biking/bikepacking holidays in April and October (in Oregon? Chilcotins, BC? Arizona?)

Beyond this my list gets even longer and crazier, and seems to completely ignore the fact I work full time, and summer only lasts 4 months, and that I also want to spend time coaxing the Moosling out on some short and easy hikes, to see if he can reclaim the hiking enthusiasm he had as a 1.5 year old. And spending time teaching him to ride a bike. But a person can dream.

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