Burstall Pass and looking for holes in the ground

Out to Burstall Pass, and we were thinking about hiking beyond there up to Snow Peak. Buzz was along for the ride too.

The weather had seemed promising, but there was an awful cold wind that made everything less pleasant.

We started to wander over towards Snow Peak, but suffered an attack of de-motivation.

And so stopped for a snack, and to nap in the sun for a bit.

After re-grouping, we decided to wander towards another mountain.

But on the way, Alex found a depression in the ground that he thought would hold a hole. After pulling out a few rocks, more and more fell down into the hole, and he had to leap backwards to avoid falling in. The menfolk then spent some time throwing rocks into it, “to see how deep it is”.

After some more exploration, a little lazing in a meadow, and the discovery of two more (even more exciting) holes, we decided to just head back home again.

It was all rather uneventful.

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