The Tout goes on a local adventure

There aren’t many dry trails around here yet, but the Lake Minnewanka trail is pretty close. The first kilometre or two has a lot of mud and ice, but once you round the hill, the trail was bone dry. Until it started raining anyway.

We gambled on the weather and lost. Actually, the rain was a bit of a foregone conclusion, and it wasn’t so bad for the first half of the trip. After a short lunch at the Warden’s Cabin, the return trip just got wetter and wetter though.

The single trailer experiment was a success though. Apart from a few fallen trees that haven’t been removed by Parks yet, the trail was great for the Tout… actually, great may be a wee exaggeration for the enormous hill climb at the end, I don’t think that was particularly enjoyable. Apart from the enormous hill, the trail was great for the Tout.

Now we’re just waiting for more warm weather to clear some more trails for us.

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