Moab 7: Where it rains, we do laundry and I nap

The closest thing we had to a rest day, the morning was spent lurking about in the rain, then doing unexciting things like laundry, having showers and buying some groceries. Followed by a good nap.

Eventually Brendan got sick of all this sitting around and declared he was going on a ride anyway. Somehow I ended up being the one who went along with him, and we set out into the rain at Klondike Bluffs with the goal of riding Baby Steps.

A drowned rat, prior to reaching the mud

Things started off well enough, and if only we’d known which trails are good to ride in the wet they may have ended well too. As it was, we accidentally ended up in a clay-muddy quagmire, with bike tyres that would not turn. Thankfully there weren’t kilometres of that sort of nonsense, and after a few hundred metres we escaped onto rock and made our way back to the car. By which time it had stopped raining anyway. After shaking our fists at the heavens for a while, we sighed and went and cleaned our bikes.

On the plus side, Brendan made a tasty and plentiful carbonara for dinner, and the rain didn’t come back. And Jackie arrived!

Distance biked: 14.6 km
Elevation gain: 242 m

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