Moab 5: Dead Horse Point State Park

This was a fairly quiet an uneventful day. The single trail at Dead Horse Point State Park was very, very, very family friendly. At least the views were great, looking out over the Canyonlands.

There were no dead horses while we were there, or cars flying off the precipitous cliffs, although apparently this area was used for the final scene in Thelma & Louise.

We couldn’t convince the Moosling to jump for a photo, but he quite enjoyed the jump photos otherwise

After a wander about, and lunch on top of a rock, Moosling and I dropped the guys off at the trailhead for Magnificent 7 (or at least, part of Magnificent 7). My bike was dropped off for a service in town, we splashed out and had showers AGAIN, and then the Moosling got to play in the park before we headed back to camp.

The wind had picked up, filling our tents, mouths, hair, food and eyes with fine red desert sand. So there was a downside to camping in the desert this time of year. I decided to escape the wind by going for a run in it. Not a very cunning plan, but at least I got to explore the Slickrock trail a little.

Distance biked: 13.1 km
Elevation gain: 124 m

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