Bike on snow

If you’d like to experience a nice long bout of self-conscious conspicuosity, there’s nothing quite so good as riding a snow bike around the Canmore Nordic Centre in the middle of a sunny Sunday, while towing a Chariot on ski runners. On a related note, the list of things which it’s appropriate to yell out at snow bikes:

“What wax do you use on those tyres?”
“Now I’ve seen everything!”
“You don’t see that every day!”
“I love your bike!”
“Nice bike!”
“Nice tyres!”
“That’s hardcore!”
“Nice work!”

I also got a lot more hellos than usual, largely thanks to the large number of skiers who were staring at me. Whenever I looked about and caught someone’s eye (not hard, as they were generally pointed my way), apparently they’d feel a little obliged to say hello. So it was certainly a very social ride.

It seems to be a little easier than trying to ski with a heavy Chariot, although getting up a steep incline is hard work no matter what (for reference, the Moosling is now just over 30lb, but there’s also the weight of winter boots and blankets and spare snacks and drinks, plus of course the weight of the Chariot itself). Definitely a fun kid-friendly jaunt not far from home, but one I’d rather be doing when it’s a little quieter on the trails.

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