Chester Bloody Lake

Against my better judgement I visited that accursed lake again, and found the weather pleasant, the snow soft, and the crowds a little alarming. It could have been worse! And now I don’t have to go there again for another year at least.

The Moosling skied for a little while from the carpark, then just got distracted trying to dive into the powder at the side of the trail.

And so he was carried for a while…

Before spending some time napping in the Chariot.

After lunch at the lake, Alex dug a hole. Then it filled with people.

A little running around at the lake, and then we started our descent.

The Moosling and I found an awesome method of descending – he could run between my legs while I held him and skied, lifting him up when we started going too fast for him to run.

We descended the the final kilometres of the path like that, and my thighs are still burning today (and I do have video footage, which I’ll have to try and edit and upload, because photos just don’t quite capture how amusing the whole thing looked).

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