Failing to hike up Mount Lady Mac

A short wander up Mount Lady Mac, as neither of us had much time, or a desire to stray too far from home. The start of our hike was slowed to toddler pace. Not just toddler pace, but the pace of a toddler having trouble hiking up a steep snowy path.

Eventually he gave up, and started to get sleepy, so he was transferred to my back and we started to slog uphill. There was more and more snow, and eventually the pre-packed trail diverged from the summer trail, and we gained another hiker who was happy to hike along with us in an attempt to follow the summer trail.

We managed to get to the ridge, but then the huge drifts of snow were too much for us. The crazy wind blowing along the ridge line were downright unpleasant too. And the Moosling woke up and was very unhappy. And we had run out of time to make it to the summit and back down again anyway. So we took some photos and high-tailed it back down the mountain again.

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