A lakey sort of jaunt

Another exercise in toddler coaxing, this time up to Lillian and Galatea Lakes in K-Country, with a grandmother in tow (although she didn’t require any towing at all).

The best of the fall colours …. weren’t really visible from this hike. There were certainly a few yellow leaves here and there, but on the whole it was green, and just stuck to the standard level of spectacular, rather than the techni-colour version you can get in the mountains in autumn.

Lillian Lake lurks in the trees with some campsites nearby. We had lunch there, because otherwise we may have started gnawing on our hands for sustenance. Afterwards we carried on to the higher Galatea Lake, which is certainly worth the extra kilometre or so of wandering uphill, as it’s a genuinely lovely alpine lake, whereas Lillian Lake is more of a tree-bound puddle affair.

There were nice views, but the trail seemed quite long for how long it was. A side-effect of toddler herding combined with being accustomed to covering trails at running speed more often this year.

Distance: 14km
Elevation gain: 685m

(Sorry for the phone photos, I completely forgot to bring my camera *gasp*)

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