24 Hours of Adrenalin, or 13 Hours of Adrenalin and a Nice Cup of Tea

I rode for the CMH corporate team again this year – three laps (scoring the 10.30pm, a 6am, and then to make up for it, the last lap of the day around midday on Sunday). The Moosling and Alex did not camp up at the Nordic Centre overnight, being that at least that way they could get some sleep overnight. Even camped in the quietest area, it still isn’t a relaxing sleep-filled night.

The bridge you had to ride over at the start of your lap

The course was fast, and slightly modified (cutting out Killer Bees and a section of FYI) to avoid some of the storm damage from Friday night – uprooted and fallen trees left sections of impassable track.

Yes, I’m actually a ninja. Shhh.

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