Black Prince Cirque is a hike. A mosquito-ridden hike.

Mosquito-ridden it may have been, but at least it was scenic.

It began with a roadside bull moose, as we were on our way to the trailhead.

We set off, and the Moosling did a lot of hiking, until we hit the uphill. He was very interested in the river though, and made a few side trips to see if he could get into it.

Bridges were fun though, for trip-trapping over, and for throwing things off.

We reached the cirque, and Warspite Lake, and ate lunch while running around in circles being eaten by mosquitos.

And then on the way down there were pikas, and a lot more throwing things into streams.

Rating: A good toddler walk, except for the one longer uphill section where he was grudgingly carried.

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