A backcountry birthday treat

As a birthday treat, I went out backcountry minus baby for the first time since being pregnant (well the timing was coincidental as much as anything, but it worked well as a birthday treat).

It wasn’t exactly a bluebird day, but there were buckets of fresh snow to play in. It was my first time out at Burstall Pass, and I discovered what a long way it is along the flat to get to just a few short turns. I’d renew my vow to avoid skiing to lakes, but I’ve the feeling the Tryst Lake chutes could be on the agenda some time soon, and they’re definitely nice and steep.

(For the record, it’s about 16km return with 450m elevation gain)

2 thoughts on “A backcountry birthday treat”

  1. It’s good to get BCWB sometimes and play. You’ll put a big smile on your face and appreciate the little guy all the more when you return.



  2. Yep, the BCWOB outings will be happening a lot more frequently now he’s cut back on breastfeeds enough that me being away for the day is no issue :) (I know there were always bottles and things, but seriously such a hassle, and never really worked for us)

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