Read’s Tower (a.k.a. Read’s scree slog)

In front of Mount Sparrowhawk in K-Country, there sits a little jutting lump of rock, covered in scree. I didn’t know beforehand that it was covered in scree, I just knew it was called Read’s Tower, and we were going to hike up it instead of Mount Sparrowhawk as it was supposed to lack the slightly dodgy-with-baby scrambly sections.

Spray Lakes views from Read’s Tower


It was completely lacking in dodgy scrambling, but the trail had plenty of steep and unpleasant dirt sections, and lots of the slogging variety of scree. Not the worst track in the world, but I certainly wasn’t hiking up it thinking “Golly, isn’t this a delightful track, lets go and have tea over by that large rock.”

Having a tasty lunch of sunglasses


At least the views were good, and it was a gloriously warm day, and we had the entire area to ourselves – apart from those pesky scenic tours helicopters, the place seems absolutely infested with them sometimes.

Looking up to Read’s Tower on the right and Mount Sparrowhawk in the distance


Elevation gain: 920m
Round trip: 6.8km
Height: 2,663 m

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