While all the snow was around, the ride out along the riverside path became a pretty standard go-to bike escape for us. It got to a sort-of clear state long before the single trail on the benchlands either side of Canmore did. So although we had a sunny day on Sunday, thanks to all the rain and snow recently we thought we should probably give the trails another day to dry off – so the river trail to the cafe out at Three Sisters was beckoning.

After some hot drinks and food out in the sun, we decided to keep exploring the trail towards the end of the Three Sisters area. First through some construction areas – more condos, hurrah. Then past the fancy expensive golf course. Then out along what’s apparently an old mining road. There were a couple of nice meadows, but it was mostly just a gentle uphill through the trees, with the trail gradually getting smaller and rougher. We finally stopped when we hit a steep-ish hill that was too shady to have lost the pile of snow covering it.

The trail we were on though, looks as if it might lead to the Pigeon Mountain carpark, by Deadmans Flats. From that carpark, you could follow another fire trail up past Pigeon Mountain to Skogan Pass. From there you could descend into K-Country if you’re feeling keen – if you’ve been towing a Chariot, like we probably will be, you’ll probably just want to turn around and ride back to Canmore.

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