Rock Isle Lake

A spur of the moment trip, and we spent a night up at Sunshine Village. Once all the lifts had shut down and the people had (mostly) gone away, it was time to tour out to Rock Isle Lake. Well, meander. It doesn’t take much more than half an hour, even if you are taking your time about it.

With the sun setting so late these days (it’s about 9pm now), we weren’t anywhere near sunset, but it was still lovely out there.

We were wondering how long it would take for the path through to Mount Assiniboine to clear though – we hiked it a week into July last year, and had a few snow patches to wade through. This year the snow pack is so much deeper. And what do the ground squirrels do while they’re waiting for the snow to melt? Do any of them run out of food?

Anyway, Rock Isle Lake, it’s nice – oh, and they’ve got a groomed trail all the way out there at the moment from the Village, so if you had skate skis, you could skate out there.

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