Ross Lake Circuit

Another day, another ski trip. This time to Yoho National Park, and with the Moosling in the Ergo rather than in the Chariot.

Around the 9.5km Ross Lake circuit, the route description runs as follows:

From the Lake O’Hara parking lot, follow Highway 1A until you reach the Ross Lake trail head sign on your right. The trail climbs gradually for 1.3 km to this small lake bounded by a great rock wall. Turn west at the lake and continue for 3.2 km to the Lake O’Hara fire road. Turn north (right) at the fire road to return to the parking lot. There are some narrow and fast sections on this circuit.

The trail up to the lake through the trees is quite cute, then we chilled on the lake in the sun for a while, before heading out.

They were right about the narrow and fast sections, the trees from Ross Lake back to the Lake O’Hara fire road were all sorts of fun. I was glad not to be towing the Chariot (and also wishing I’d remembered some Glob Stopper, but you can’t have everything – unless you’re better at remembering things than I am).

If the snow is going to last forever, at least the skiing will be warm now.

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