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I present you now with the first gathered evidence for the existence of the majestic cheese-eating rainbow-striped orange-belted gallic-crested homosapiens. It is suspected that it is the only one of it’s species in existence. However, observations have suggested that it has found a mate now, and therefore may be able to produce offspring at some time in the future, thereby allowing the breed to continue. We can only hope that the future of this eccentric species of animal can be assured in such a fashion.


(And after all, it has such a beautiful plummage doesn’t it)

One thought on “not blogworthy”

  1. yes it does have beautiful plummage, and sharp bitey teeth…it is certainly not an ex parrot. BTW the penquins are fierce at this time of year, it would be a terrible shame if you were to fall a foul of them

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