I made a doll!

I remember the first time I heard someone mention Waldorf dolls way back on Loobylu’s blog (she’s since up and moved to Canada and barely blogs any more). They are a type of doll made from wool and cotton using some traditional European doll-making techniques, and are used in Waldorf education. The idea is that they’re very simple with basic faces so the child playing with them can let their imagination run free.

waldorf doll

I recently fell in love with a few I found while wandering around on that vast online hippy market that is Etsy. And seeing as I’ve got a sewing machine these days, and time at home, I thought I’d try to make one. This is Sarlah, and she’s actually my second attempt, created from a made-up pattern and information gleaned from the internet (hoorah for the internet, as I’m still in the queue for the library book on the subject I tried to borrow).

Styling in fancy Thai Fisherman’s Pants – just the thing for working on her latest beach-side project… not so much for walks in the snowy mountains. Making miniature Fisherman’s Pants seemed like a great idea when I started, less so after many many attempts at creating a pattern that would work on that scale, it was just so fiddly! On the plus side I’ll be able to whip up an adult-sized pair easily now.

waldorf doll with nose and rainbow hair

She’s even for sale on my Etsy site – yes I have one now – at Adventures with Moosling (I’m still getting the shelves stocked, so far there’s mostly just a lot of photographs. But hopefully Sarlah will soon be joined by some other adventuring hippy doll friends, as making dolls is strangely relaxing and enjoyable.

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  1. Hehe, yay! I totally fell in love with this style of doll, and she sold within 12 hours of me putting her up online! I’ve already had to mail her away :( But now I’ve ordered a bunch more materials and I’m going to start making more *excited*

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