it’s a hard life


Went to Snowshoe in West Virginia on the weekend. On top of all the snow they’d already been getting, there was 6 inches of new fresh powder on Friday night. It kept snowing all day Saturday, and was a bit foggy too, which led to fun as I checked out new runs, with the visibility suddenly plummeting down to 10 metres. The skiing was still great though. Sunday was beautiful and clear and warm (though a bit windy round the top of the mountain). I checked out the feared Western Territory and discovered the black runs there, although 1.5 miles long, and a hell of a lot of fun, probably aren’t as black as they claim to be. Well, at least by the standards I know (Mt Buller in other words).

Oh, and there were hardly any other telemarkers there – I saw one on Saturday, and one or two on Sunday. A lot of people were asking me about my strange bindings (and then about my strange accent). However, there were quite a few of those really short skis (that people use with no poles) around.

snow tree

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  1. yay Snowshoe!! who would have thought you’d get fresh pow in West Virginia?? I’m glad you had a good time there :)

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